sunday 02/03/2014

Only gil left

PM me.
Exchange: Kalindra for jackie+ clintz

There are only 12-13 C Blade's on the market ? WTF smiley lol

saturday 01/03/2014

Hi guys.
I sell my 250 Noland 0xp for 2k/t
Wil be done in PS.

Bump smiley

9 rass Oxp 1500/each

All for 13k

Hello to everybody i'm looking for lyse teria cr i offer 6.25m cash

if you are interested send her in my private sale, eventually contact me


all is negotiable

I give 5.9k for full xp
6.2k for 0 xp
Send them directly in private sales.
I guess i am looking for 150 or so

Push smiley
i add 1k scooty (300k)

80x Tremorh gone

3500 each in ps smiley

9x Noctezuma 0xp for my 9x Ongh 0xp?

Looks like my PM was sent unreplied. Good luck smiley

I am selling sigmund cr for 600k clintz or equlvalent in cards

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