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wednesday 16/07/2014

I'll give you 30k for keroozin

100 hemdall 0xp 23500/each
99 fixit 0xp 8000/each

cash or playable cr 0xp smiley

edited by DUC-Red Rob wednesday 16/07/2014, 12:39

1M is not enough, but thank you for the offer

I can offer for her:
lysa teria cr (7,5 M)+ sum sam cr (1,3 M)+ rass cr(800k)+ 200k
for a total of 9,8M

Anyone interested?

My Selsya Cr 0xp for Alec Cr + 50k ?

Hey all,

looking to trade general cr 0xp for your DJ Korr smiley

Will add compliment, message me if interested.

Does the card have to be 0 xp? How about if the card is full?

And damien wins! They are in your PS. Enjoy

tuesday 15/07/2014

100 hemdall 0xp 23k5/each , and 99 fixit 0xp 8k/each smiley

sorry for the last subject,i dont see the market for price of fixiti,i posted wrong smiley

Sorry should have posted but deal is done

Mentioning your prices would be very effective smileysmiley

I will give u 7 k cash now anyone?

Please write the exact prices that you want to sell your cards for smiley

I trade my jackie cr 215k
for little interesting lots
or plaing cr as blaster or emeth
and cash smiley

16 Revok 0xp
10 muze full
10 Steve full
7 Gus 0xp
6 Kawamashi Cr 0xp
4 redvek 0xp
4 Naliah 0xp
4 Logan 0xp
4 Dallas 0xp
4 wonder lana 0xp
3 magnar 0xp
3 Aaron 0xp

je regarde pour des grosse carte comme lilzabeth yayoi raven noctezuma enoyer moi vos offre en prier pour negocier merci

Damnieuk-oc wins the bidding!!!

starting price 440
I have 380x jody

Sorry for the double post, I can also trade 1 for an Elvis + 4000 clintz, thanks!

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