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sunday 22/02/2015

The card is sold, you can close this

i want to trade my shawoman cr 0exp estimated 930k

I need:
•Kerry 0exp 30k/tête
•Bodenpower 0exp ou full 19k/tête
•Bloodh 0exp 20k

Btw i'm still opened to side offers smiley

Buy Dragan Cr or Manon CR 1 mil and Syd Noze Rb 600k

saturday 21/02/2015

I have 83k and looking for him pm if u want the cash

Still no one

... & willing to trade 80 la cobra 0xp for her.

Post here or PM me smiley

Thanks in advance!

28 Xingshu for kero full

Kinichaw full xp x 5 19000 = 95000
Fischer oxp x2 22000 = 44000
Marjory oxp 30 8000 = 240000
I'm looking for lots of jeena or ghiest

You should be able to lock this thread yourself...

Hi i trade some cards for cash or El divino 33K/u
60 Zoe 0xp ( 19K/T)
Lamar Cr fulll (1M050)
2 Robb Cr 0xp( 75K)
50 Clive 0xp (19K/T)
40 Spyke 0xp (29K/T)
5 Shifou 0xp (21K/T)
Seldnor Cr 0xp (125K)
Kerozinn Cr full (850k)
10 Bogdan 0xp ( 24K/T)
50 Ruru 0xp ( 39K5/T)
17 Draheera 0xp (9K5/T)
12 Toro 0xp (19K/T)
29 Kinichaw 0xp ( 20K/T)
5 Noctezuma 0xp ( 95K/T)
2 Romana full (43K/T)
2 Rowdy Cr full (80K/T)
1 Jana ramba cr full (55K)
Baby Q Rb (235K)
Cassio Cr 0xp ( 135K)
2 Yayoi Cr 0xp ( 75K/T)
25 Aurora (24 0xp 1 full) ( 24K5/T)
28 Dr Copernica 0xp ( 35K/T)
7 Pericles full (76K/T)
4 Pericles Semi evo (77K/T)
51 Pericles 0xp (82K/T)
Nahi Cr full (300K)
2 GraksmxxT 0xp ( 65k/T)
28 Hawk 0xp (15K/T)
25 Corvus 0xp (6K5/T)
11 Dounia Cr 0xp (370K/T)
1 Dounia Cr full (330K)
29 Xingshu 0xp (32K/T)
1 Xingshu semi evo (30K)
Chad Bread Cr 0xp (70K)
25 Shayna 0xp ( 12K/T)
29 Heegrn Cr 0xp (19K/T)
2 Konrad 0xp ( 28K/T)
3 C Wing 0xp ( 7K5/T)
4 Cyb Lhia 0xp (5K5/T)
2 Dagg full ( 27K5/T)
3 Deea 0xp (3K2/T)
1 Dregn 0xp (73K)
1 Dregn full (72K5)
3 Rahi Sledon 0xp ( 19K/T)
2 Rahi Sledon full (18K5/T)
1 Shaakarti 0xp (21K)
3 T Gaank 0xp (6K5/T)
2 Vector 0xp (7K8/T)
1 X-0DUS full (51K5)

Hello if you have lots of Earl or Dawn 0xp pm me i willing to buy all

Hey guys,
i trade my full xp Blaaster cr 180k, chikko cr 21k and 269k (470k in total)
for reine cr.
price negotiable

I change my 0xp FISCHER for a full xp + 500 clints your part.


We can negotiate that how much rahi 0xp u want smiley

I'm pricing my Mangolia at 50,000.
Looking for:
Oraya plus another 25K(either in a card or clintz)
Xingshu plus another 25K(either in a card or clintz)

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