friday 16/05/2014

Tessa Has been sold.
srry guys smiley


Close it then

Thanks mods got him

I search lot of magnar 0xp for 3600 clintz each one in my private sells,only 0xp

6 el divino no xp's and 30 banndz for youre jackie cr

best deal.

Lady + mechakolos + 38k for Kalindra

Does anyone want to sell me Mona for 47k?
Someone seems to have bought up all the lower end ones and have them on for 50k+

thursday 15/05/2014

HI, i want to sell or trade my Marlysa cr 0exp

Sell: 1,5m cash
Trade: Sum sam cr 1m395k + 105k cash

I can listen other offerts, but i'll not accept lots or unplayable crs
Pm me if interested smiley

Http:// genius!

You can close this yourself

5 full xp yayoi and 1 full xp rolph

Manon Cr 0xp + Noctezuma 0xp + 25k for Marlysa Cr smiley

Sorry lethal dont need them anymore

wednesday 14/05/2014

I need more :/

Buying oxo 0xp at 2200 per head

0_Less : Everyone would like to buy Copper Cr for 80,000 clz smiley

 I would have been able to buy Copper Cr for 85,000 clz smiley

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