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saturday 12/07/2014

Kephren gone!!!
sold all my stuff thnx

No one received any cards. just count this time as my present to you jamox smiley

Tell me how many jackie 0 exp do you like for vickie? or do you have Kerozinn cr? smiley

Good luck smiley

Close please I sold it smiley

Thank you Kevin, sold everything in one shot smiley

friday 11/07/2014

Add Jackie Cr 0xp on the list, 210k each

Thanks man smiley

I buy all your aaron 0xp for 4500/each

Perhaps you should create this topic after the next 3 releases... then you can grab her for 15k or less....

None trade my cards for all non crs uppers and a Jackie crsmiley

thursday 10/07/2014

Tomorrow is the NB release, if you pull a Liona, send her to my PS for 10.5k and I will buy it instantly (if I'm on, of course).

I have exclusively clintz.

Happy trading smiley

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