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monday 17/08/2015

Sorry I sold Kiki


Even if it is, I don't think we can check the release dates that far into the past.

Hey guys, I have a Shawoman Cr 0xp that I'm looking to trade. What I'm looking for is a Kerozinn Cr for a straight trade, but I will also consider other offers. PM me for a faster response. I value Shawoman Cr at 850k (market value right now).

Hi guys,

I'm trading a General Cr 0xp for Lyse Teria Cr (any xp) + 1M in cards/cash.

Here's what I'm looking for:

Splata Cr 950k
Tessa Cr 940k
Lamar Cr 900k
Kerozinn Cr 820k
Vickie Cr 610k
Tanaereva Cr 0xp 420k
Jackie Cr 0xp 230k
Caelus Cr 0xp 200k

Aldebaran cr 0exp+ seldnor cr 0exp+5 chiara cr 0exp for ndololo cr

Still looking for an Elya Cr.

sunday 16/08/2015

12 in market smiley

saturday 15/08/2015

Hey everyone,

So I wanna trade my Vermyn N Rb (0xp) 55k + Karrion (Full Xp) 22k for your Ratanah Rb (preferably 0xp) 77k!

If you're interested,please PM me so we can do the trade faster!

Thank You! smiley

Still looking for the following:

Rekved x 1 0exp
Selma x1 0exp

Boris Cr x1 0exp
Akendram x1 0exp

Willing to buy them full exp or any other level if its a good price! PM me if interested! Thank you smiley

Down to 260 PM me with offers

friday 14/08/2015

Hello im looking to buy Dounia Cr for 200k Pm if u want or just send Private sale thanks you

Ok send me lyse and i will send you guru for 3.6m cash !

Hello I sell or exchange my 221 Mildred 13500 each, or sell the whole lot for 2 Marlysa Cr and rmarco cr

logo UR 2 messages

I also accept cards in return

thursday 13/08/2015

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