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friday 23/01/2015

I have enough now smiley

You crazy faint smiley 2 left

Im Interested in Lamar Cr Full.
I can offer Cash Up to 950.000 or a broad array of Collectors and high value Cards.

Thanks for some nice offers

thursday 22/01/2015

Read rules please , before posting.

How much do you value 150x Duke 0xp ? smiley

Hi, i am selling my Armanda.
I value her 1.6M, i am searching medium crs and some cash.
Pm me for every offer and don't be shy to make your offer.I can value it!

760k+ jackie ok


"Change these letter CR"?

Please write what you give in return or how much clintz you offer

BUY Lamar Cr

wednesday 21/01/2015

My Lyse Teria Cr 0 XP for full+5K?

Value->640000 approximately

Pm me for offers,,,

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