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friday 24/04/2015

Lewica doing that makes you a douche so please stop smiley

thursday 23/04/2015

Hello I am interested in buying Kalindra Cr I'd buy it for 170k we could negotiate the price. regards

I offer Geuner Cr + Diyo Cr + something that we will deal for Caelus Cr.


200 Wee Lee 0 xp for trade as well

Hey all, I trade my Kerozinn cr full xp for 2 tanaereva cr 0xp. Via PS

Thank you

wednesday 22/04/2015

I exchange 1x Amiral Py Cr, 2x Page Cr (0 xp), 1x Slyde Cr, 1x Veenyle Cr and 1x Kawamashi Cr for 1 Dounia Cr

The cards cost slightly more in total than Dounia. Pm me if you are interested

28 Coby 0xp?

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Already purchased Toro.

Kawamashi Cr jut 8k D

Dude, wait until she drops in price. She'll drop drastically in the next few weeks.

tuesday 21/04/2015

Baby Q Rb 165k (full) + 40k for Kalindra Cr

These are all way too under market price you realise?

Any doubts you can PM me smiley

Gretchen has the value of 3.355 clintz ea
Lorna has the value of 2.090 clintz
I'm looking for people who want to but bundles of minimum 10 cards

All will go for a 180k
Pm if interested, thnx.

Hey all, im looking to buy:
Edd Cr - 38-40k x 1
Don - 15-16k x 1
Vermaire - 15-16k x 1
Mona - 65-68k x 1

Cheers smiley

I want to trade my:

Miss Twice Cr - full xp (383k)
Wardog Rb - 0xp (375k)
Total: 758k

for your:

Vickie Cr - any xp (700k)
Romana - any xp (50k)
Total: 750k

On market what i have to sell smiley

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