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thursday 05/02/2015

250clintz ***

I need: Kerozin Cr full

And i offer:

Jackie cr
Caelus cr
Smokey cr
Other cards

Trade all of my riots for full xp Shaakarti

Kerozinn Cr and Fischer sold. smiley

Anyone willing to trade their casio cr(0xp preferred) for 8x 0xp crazy carlo?

Cassio Cr is gone, only have Skullface and Jim

also not buying single cards BULKS only

See here if interested.

Trade 6 rahi sledon for 125000 clintz

Striker is 48k a piece rn

Im looking for 20k or some freaks cards

Striker has gone down to 50k now, and Smokey to 106k. Well, then my offer changes to Striker + 56k.

wednesday 04/02/2015

32k my vp smiley

Hi guys, I want to trade my Kiki Cr 0xp + 10 Copper Cr 0xp or Kiki Cr + 2 Dounia Cr 0xp + 1 Copper or Noctezuma for Guru Cr full or 0xp i dont care

Hi! I sell

1000 irene 0xp 2,5k/each
1000 mok 0xp 1k/each
100 aaron 0xp 7,2k/each
45 shayna 0xp 14k/each
370 ichiko 0xp 1,2k/each
120 elmer 0xp 700c/each

For other offerts PM me smiley

Lamar Cr, Marlysa Cr, Dounia Cr for trading.

How can we sell ld's? smileysmiley
we can't sell lds right?

Oh no! it rose in price....smiley

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