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saturday 01/08/2015

Hi, it's against the rules to sell your cards to real money, under ARTICLE 6: PROHIBITED ACTIONS

"Acquiring or selling cards, Clintz or any virtual object produced by Boostr by any other means than those offered on the Website or by any other media than the Website itself"


friday 31/07/2015

Dounia is currently at 245k each, this is a good deal smiley

Still looking for more Freaks! PM me! smiley

thursday 30/07/2015

like in the title i buy all your leila 0exp for 1.5k/each in my ps

for big lots, pm me smiley

1450/each -> 1400/each smiley

900ctz for cardsmiley

Bonjour, je souhaite acheter à 15M cash N.2 Big5 (7.5M/t): Guru Cr ou Dj Korr Cr

Moyen de transaction: VP

There's a close subject button in the upper right corner

- Kalindra Cr 0xp & Caelus Cr 0xp * = 195k

wednesday 29/07/2015

Also looking for FULL XP campbell at 16k if you want quick clintz.

I'm very negotiable smiley

Buying a lot of argos in the riots clan i value the card at 1.1k and will buy around 40 message me and we can work a deal.

i sell 50 noctezuma 0exp for 65k/each

By Ps. Thx

tuesday 28/07/2015

I found general cr

remain :

- 310 Haaken 0xp 7.5k/t
- 66 Sah Brinak 0xp 15k/t
- 50 Hindelga 0xp 15k/t
- 50 Oflgn 8.5k/t
- 50 Revok 1.4k/t
- Berserkgirl Cr 0xp 840k
- Shawoman Cr 0xp 890k
- 2 Reine Cr 0xp 335k/t
- Dragan Cr 2* 1.2M
- Lost Hog Cr full 18.5k
- Boris Cr full 18k
- Kinichaw Cr full 50k
- Rowdy Cr full 75k
- Veenyle Cr full 37k
- Amiral Py Cr full 20k
- Emeth Cr full 85k
- Jane Ramba Cr full 63k
- Edd Cr full 35k
- Kenny Cr full 80k
- Rhed Cr full 20k
- Chad Bread Cr full 75k
- un peu CASH

144 Gibson 0xp a 3,5k cad

I wont:
Jackie Cr 0xp 220k

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