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wednesday 04/02/2015

And as far as the acquisition
3 years of hoarding
Have culminated in collecting 1000 copies of an old farmer throwing his cock around.
Yes my friends.... I am winning XD

I buy all Melluzine in 220 clintz in my PV, Thanks ^-^

tuesday 03/02/2015

I trad emy marlysa cr 0xp for full + 2k

45 shayna 0xp for vickie cr

other offerts in privatesmiley

Noctezuma sell

★★★ 3100 Magnar 0XP ★★★

Hello gentlemen
I have a lot exclusive just for you businessmen
what we have in front of us is 3100 Magnar 0XP smiley
this card has the potential to reach 7k + card .... smiley
but just for you guys , I'll offer it for 5.5k / t smileysmiley
yes 5.5k / t for 3100 Magnar 0XP = 17050000 smiley

I'm looking for

all cards
what? he just say all the cards. smiley
yes I did smiley smiley
I accept everything, but max 50 copies smiley
DJ Korr Cr 9.2 mil
Guru Cr 9 mil
Kiki Cr 8 mil
General Cr 7.6 mil
Lyse Teria Cr 5.8 mil
for all other cards ... ask me for estimates smiley

thank you
the person who takes this lot ... I hope I can share my beer with him hahahasmileysmileysmiley

Ill close this and make 1 more in english

I´m searching for
Kerozinn Cr
Marlysa Cr
Scarlett Cr

for trade i have the following cards

2x a award cr
amiral py cr
caelus cr
chad bread cr
2x copper cr 0xp
2x dolly cr 0xp
dolly cr
edd cr
emeth cr
flavio cr
heegrn cr
jane ramba cr
3x kawamashi cr 0xp
kawamashi cr
kreen cr
noodile cr
ombre cr
sylth cr
terry cr
tessa cr

all at market price.
PM me please

I buy some earl 0xp for 16k ahead on private sales

I trade my dj kor cr full at 9M

i'm looking, in a single copy and the exp it's indifferent

-Marlysa Cr 1550k
- Tessa Cr - 870k
- Splata Cr - 850k
- Kerozinn Cr 720k
- Vickie Cr 620k
- Miss Twice Cr 370k
- Tanaereva Cr 340k
- Alec Cr / Jackie Cr 240k
- Caelus Cr 200k
- Kalindra Cr 200k
- Blaaster Cr 180k
- Dalhia Cr 150k
- Emeth Cr / Sylth Cr 80k
- Earl 0xp 16,5k ( 40max)

cash (for an offer full cash DJ Korr Cr 8,5M )

monday 02/02/2015

Replied at your PM

You probs cant buy that many on market at once but if you buy a few everyday, more and more will keep coming on lol smiley

I have vickie cr 620k cadh smiley

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