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thursday 14/08/2014

Houtay's price is 950 clintz per head now.

Sorry staying at 19k

wednesday 13/08/2014

No. 9 are full xp. 2 are level 4

I can accept :

aaron 0xp 5k/each
pr hartnell 0xp 4300/each
octana 0xp 17k/each
dr copernica 0xp 33k/each


I would like to trade some b bazooka 0xp for your aaron 0xp
so 1 b bazooka 0xp = 1 aaron 0xp = 5k5
25 times achievable

Sell or trade my ratanah: 7 Full xp 22K each
13 - 0 xp 25k each

interessed: cr's or cash

I buy all your also's for 200 clints per head. All xp are welcome

15 noctezuma 0xp?

Both offers still stand

tuesday 12/08/2014

My Oxp wee Lee for your rowdy Oxp

502.5 clintz

I trade tan man to you for 30 rolph 0xp.

message me if your interested.

edited by ArtemisBZ tuesday 12/08/2014, 06:30

Sorry I'm pretty much only interested in the Crs I listed

He is now in auction starting at the low low price of 750k!

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