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sunday 19/01

Still wanting to do this smiley

Are you offering Kenny or searching for?


saturday 18/01

Thread closed as one of the cards is not in the market, therefore a value cannot be properly assessed.

Once the card is back with a proper market value, you can try this trade again.

8 milioni cash + Armanda Cr 0xp
In privato

friday 17/01

Wait, wrong forum, lol.

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Not 660 of them though. why does everyone always say this? massive lots of cards are valued higher than the min market price because of the amount. this isn't the real world, you don't get a discount for buying wholesale bulk!

Bought all of them thanks to sellers!!

Cash offers only pm me highest offer. Id rather someone thats going to use this card take it. Been sat in my collection now and never been used.

thursday 16/01

Respect to you, cleverfool smiley

Up, and just to be clear I’m trading MY B Mappe Cr for YOUR Tanereva Mt even trade no add ins.

I change my Memento 0 exp for a full Memento plus complement of 500k, interested contact me via mp smiley

As the title say, pm me if interested and get ready those clints lol

wednesday 15/01

Thats the market price smiley just put it on the market smiley

If you want fast money justsend it to my private sale for 400k smiley

Yeah, I've already received 3 offers for her at the designated price.

"Buy from the market like everyone does" is not constructive. It's always the same behavior with these types of people; you call them out on something, and they just say you're mad or something, lmao. If you have nothing to offer, don't comment. It's that simple.

Buying Volkan Cr 6m cash full exp or 0 xp

Looking for full ratanah mt

Hi i'm looking for Lady ametia that i value 3M
i offer cards and cash ...

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