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wednesday 15/01

I sell mine for 265k go for it

Nope, Dragan 0xp is 14999999

tuesday 14/01

Iḿ selling my Cannibal jo Cr for these cards:
Splata Cr
Marlysa Cr
Dr copernica Cr
Drakorah Cr
Dagg Cr
Lulabee Cr
Edd Cr
Chiara cr
shakaarti cr
Veenyle cr
Thorpah cr
Lee long
Slyde cr

The rest I would like in clintz

Ill trade my Rass Cr 0xp

Searching for either:
Pericles MT
Dregn MT

And a playable cr to compensate the difference

Hey Everyone,
I'm looking for #Cannibal Jo Cr
My offer
1 B Mappe Cr 0xp
1 Lamar Cr 0xp
1 Tessa Cr full xp
1 Page Cr 0xp
and 1M Clintz

Offer 2.1m Clintz and 25x Shakra Cr

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Both cards traded, you can close it


monday 13/01

Hi all! I trade away my General Mt at 0xp that i value at 21.5M for the following collectors (if not otherwise specified the xp level is not important):

All Stars:
#B Mbappe Cr 5.1M
Lamar Cr 3.9M

Sum Sam Cr 0xp 5.9M
Blaaster Cr 1.5M
Beeboy Cr 0.5 M
Shann Cr 0.35M

Xantiax Robb Cr 2.5M

Splata Cr 0xp 4.3M
Geuner Cr 0.45M
Diyo Cr 0.4M

Ymirah Cr 2.2M

Miss Twice Cr 0xp 1.5M
Selsya Cr 0xp 0.8M

Quetzal Cr 0.65M

Kreen Cr 0.6M

DJ Korr Cr 14M
Berserkgirl Cr 0xp 1.5M
Gil Cr 0.6M
Rowdy Cr 0.35M

Volkan Cr 6.3 M

Lyse Teria Cr 11.5M

Dalhia Cr 0.8M

Merweiss Cr 3.2M

Kiki Cr 9.5M

Guru Cr 10.5M
Aldebaran Cr 1.1 M
Reine Cr 0.9M

#Caelus 1.65M
Hemdall Cr 0.3M

Ulu Watu:
Rass Cr 0xp 1.4M

Armanda Cr 0xp 2M
Jim Cr 0xp 1M

I also accept clintz compensation in my favor for less than 4M and in your favor for less than 1M (sorry not really liquid right now) write me here or via mp smiley

Shoot me offers looking for good cards or we can private sale

Im going up to 2.25m price still negotiable.

sunday 12/01

Your market access is restricted due to trading with multi-accounts.

I am closing this thread due to the fact that you are unable to make the trade.

Looking for Maana Cercei (any level) to trade for my Page CR (max lvl) + Kasaba (lvl 2)

Editing for formatting issues

Offering my Sum Sam Cr 0 exp, or Lamar Cr 0 exp.

I have a variety of smaller Crs to offer that we can negotiate over depending on what you are looking for.

Shawoman Sold looking for everything listed above except Dregn,
Plus if you have another juicy offer I might accept as well


As the title say, the card is maxed at 3* and I want 650k for it, we can do something about the price... pm me if interested. smiley

saturday 11/01

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