monday 25/03

They are all turning MT, buy them fast!

sunday 24/03

I value him at around 550k
Pm me ur offers, I'm up for trades or just clints

saturday 23/03

Atkinson full xp 2.65m
No Love full xp 2.65 m
Tanaereva Cr 0xp 3m
Looking for Clintz
Xantiax Robb Cr
#bmappe cr
Prices negotiable pm for fast response

Done. You can close, thanks.

I'd be willing to trade my 1 Flavio Cr 0xp for 18 Comanche 0xp. Going to sleep now, so I'm not gonna be able to reply for a while

friday 22/03

1 messages

I got u hit my inbox

Thanks to all of you guys...
Now I have enough to buy the cards....
Thanks for all the help

Have fun guys

Cyber takes this

Stay tune for next

And done

3 Blaaster full + 1 Blaaster 0xp + 1 Vickie full + 1M for General?

Hello all,
I want to trade my
Gruber 0xp (100k)
Beeboy Cr full xp (380k)
+ 70k cash
for your Crook 0xp (550k)

PM me for a faster response.
Thanks! smiley

Yes that's end time

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