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saturday 08/03/2014

Looking for 7.7k a head.

2400 Palmer full.
In market --> 1093 clinz
My offert ---> 1000 clinz/u

If you want, PM me smiley

friday 07/03/2014

Hello everybody.
I'm selling these lots,all 0xp:
15 Gatuchica a 1150 each(17250 ctz)
22 La Cobra a 15k each(330k)
17 Pandagran a 9 k each (153k)
104 El Gascaro a 4,5k each (468k)
36 El Matador a 18k each (648k)
44 El Zombino a 0,9 k each(39.6k)
18 La Calavera a 4,5k each (81k)
37 Zapatino a 1k each(37k)
152 Dreadlash a 1,5k each (228k)
119 Plunk a 1,6k each (190k)
I'm searching cash,some cr(the most used) and cards > 10k
For other offers we can see in pmsmiley

Hello i buy Leviatonn Oxp 31 000 clints in VP
maximum 12

Friendly up

I'm seelling a lot of 104 spycee 0xp at 900 each by ps smiley

Hi my cards for trade its the next :

Kawamashi Cr x3 6600
Sung Tsu 5900
Oshitune x2 6799
Scopica 5000
Taham 9000
Charlie 66000
Pilzken 11500
Pastor 7500
Sledg 6500
Slyde Cr 7900
Ratanah 21800
Shakra 49000
Petra 9100
Uranus 23000
Havok 7000
Jackson 7000
Oflgn 8200
Hikiyousan 20000
Corvus 7000
Aylen 8800

Total price of cards its :


and y have 50k in cash for completing the offers :

I look Ombre Cr and maybe Beltran Cr o Selsya Cr

thats its all the trade its completing for IP
I wait for you offers good game

GL smiley

And if i were you i wouldn't buy tickets, it is usually not profitable smiley keep your clintz for the market

Hey Guys

I´m looking for Nabrissa 0xp much as u can for cash or cards

1x Kerozinn Cr
2x Kalindra Cr
4x Copper Cr

and a lot of other non cr´s

pm me with offer

I am open to all offers. Post and or PM me. I value my 0xp at 1.3 million

Hi there! i'm selling my lot 90 x Robb cr full exp.

PDD : 50k/T

I accept : cash / Lear barduh 0 exp (22k)

Ty thx mods!

I'll throw in a 0xp rekved instead of the extra 4k? smiley

Selling x3 Arno (max) for 16k a piece.. private sale
also selling x2 X-0DUS (max) for 32k a piece.. private sale
Mail me if your interested.. may haggle a bit. especially if in bulk.

Thank you much appreciated smiley

Sold that was fast

14 robb cr full exp

Hi, i'm looking to buy kerozin for about 550k. any xp.

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