If your making a lottery event with a clintz entrance fee you are not allowed to keep any of the jackpot for yourself.

You need to set the ammount kept by the event creator to 0%

- 4 - Known Glitches -

smiley-- 4.1 - The mail glitch - http://pbrd.co/1mpcs5W

When you or a player gets accepted into the event, the 1st link on the after "For all information on the event, go to its web page: " does not work, it will redirect you to the list of events. You need to click on the link after the "events/?id_event=" or "You’ve been accepted for event:"

smiley-- 4.2 - The ungroup glitch
If you put a player in group A and then want to remove him from that group you must click on "no group" but problem is nothing happens. If you want to ungroup the player you must click on ungroup all players shortcut which can be frustrating because means everyone gets ungrouped. Another "solution" is putting all the players who needs to be ungrouped in a new group then deleting that group.

smiley-- 4.3 - The "guest" glitch - http://pbrd.co/1fHCxOV
If a players deletes their account they appear as guest, when pming everyone the pm gets stuck on guest and everyone past that point do not get a pm. For many days I did not realize that a guest was in my event so some players were getting PMs and some were not. Now I regularly check if there are any guests (which means I have to check many pages of players) in my event before sending PMs.

Example: The Infinite Universe, my solution was moving guest to the end of the list by removing points. You can also replace the guest player using the replace function next to his name.

smiley-- 4.4 - The BL'ed player PM glitch - http://pbrd.co/1mpcOcL
When sending a pm and some players in the event have a blacklist, after sending it normally shows a list of players who are blacklisted and did not receive the pm. After the pm to everyone is sent the list flashes for less than 1 sec so you cannot even read the list of players who have not received the pm. This happens on the internet browser Google Chrome.

smiley-- 4.5 - The battle history glitch
This one is extremely rare but can happen at any time. Sometimes after generating matches (all steps before done correctly) once players try to play, the event does not record the battles for some reason, the only way to fix this is once again generate the matches.


new 2 messages

10 m rewards!! smiley

Slot available :

Fazione Lucente :
Rescue 0/2– Sentinel 2/2– Hive 1/2– Skeelz 0/2– La Junta 2/2 – Roots 0/2– Ulu Watu 0/2– Fang Pi Clan 0/2– Huracan 0/2- Fronz 1/2

Fazione Oscura :
Vortex 0/2 – Nightmare 0/2 – Montana 1/2– Uppers 0/2 – Gheist 1/2 – Raptors 0/2– Berzerk 0/2 – Piranas 1/2 – Freaks 0/2 – Dominion 0/2

Questi Clan sono ancora indecisi sul da farsi, quale generale farà la proposta migliore?

All Stars 2/2 – Bangers 1/2 – Jungo 0/2 – Pussycats 1/2 – Riots 0/2 – Sakrohm 0/2 – Junkz 2/2 – Ghost Town 1/2

sunday 13/10

Still waiting for Klouni and Darkdays VP.
The others should be good now smiley

friday 11/10

thursday 10/10

I don't even know what to do with so many Clintz smiley

Insane event, looking up for it!smiley

wednesday 02/10

Damn..... Hope this wasn't a scam for all the people who enter.

saturday 28/09

No problem man, thanks for playing!

monday 16/09

We're full now !

Event will start at 24th October and ends on 31th October smiley

wednesday 11/09

There will be New Blood reloaded

Hello together. This is an event to get the New Bloods which are released on friday 13.9.19. Events opens registration on friday, 13.9.19 at 20 GMT+2. Just the first 12 players will be accepted. Event ends on sunday, 15.9.19 at 20 GMT+2.
Any questions? write me via PM smiley

friday 06/09

So we now have 6 spots open now due to someone backing out, and I now have nearly 2 million clintz for to round out the prizepool guys. You don't wanna miss this.

thursday 15/08

saturday 03/08

30 minutes left! You still have a chance to win Serafina just in a couple of hours.

wednesday 31/07

I'm trying to create a custom deck format, but every time I hit "Submit" I get an internal server error. Is there something I'm missing? Does anyone else have this issue?

saturday 27/07

To participate in this event you must leave any message in the comment section or just pm me. If we don't have 16 players in 30 minutes from now, check-in phase might be prolonged for another ~ 30 mins

Well every one should get a second chance. probably should if kept a list wright down so this would of been a lot easier.

tuesday 16/07

Thank you people for participating in the event smiley

We all set and full now. ( no spots left ) smiley

thursday 11/07

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