Backlash Toxin seems to weird for Nega D Ld’s ability to me

Maybe something like Virus 2, Min 0 would be better.

Virus is a shortened way to say Toxin in my opinion like how “Corrosion” is shorter than: “Growth: Victory or Defeat: Poison 1, Min 0”

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Is there a 2019 guide? smiley

Windows + R
Type "Control Panel"
Click Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center > Change adapter settings.
Select your connection method, right click and go to properties.
Networking tab, click on Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and go to properties
Use the following DNS Server Addresses: (Preferred) (Alternative)
Restart PC.

Could you please add:
Nightmare bedtime stories and Skeelz Registration List
To the clan catagories section.

I feel half deck is a more common way to say 4/4 so it probably is not worth mentioning.

News/Info on this Thread

Updates might take a while if I am busy.

Testing a new feature for my guide to include card rarity next to their name.

Will fix the checklist to display rarity count.

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Other Gameplay Guides + Explanations


Basic Deck Building

Stop opp Bonus VS Stop opp Ability and all the like, EXPLAINED

The Ultimate 1HKO Guide {Updated}

Level Reference Chart

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They were from a q and a yaoi so not sure were you can find it anymore

Can't admit to having my fan clans on my mind for the last couple of months now but I did recently have an idea for the Courtz so I guess no harm in sharing. Please correct me if this card seems too OP or UP, I rely on you guys when it comes to the stats :O

Ability: Killshot: -3 Opp Life and Pillz, Min 1
Bonus: Protection: Power

Demilyn's flat is almost full to bursting with clothes but whilst most people would get to that stage with buying too many potential outfits, Demilyn makes her own. From her casual everyday wear to her fabulous cosplay creations, she's recently found herself in the firing range of the Uppers who are looking to repeat with her what they did with Joy. Well...after they've found out who keeps setting fire to their high-class fashion stores, that is. She may not always see eye to eye with him when it comes to his school's uniform choices but when it comes to her weapon of choice, her number one source of inspiration is her step-brother, Drake!

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@Homie Jesus
Your comments made my day, lol!

As per your Leader query, you can assess them based on your available cards only. If you don't have the expensive low star count cards, you can't leader.
For me the best leader will be Morphun, since multiplier is the name of the game; however he is banned in ELO.
For ELO, Solomon is the only leader that is viable for anything.
I'm still leveling till 100 to get my Robert Cobb, can't wait to experiment with him.

For all the other leaders, except Vansaar, they can all be used in Survivor, shot out to Vholt, John Doom, Melody and Bridget.
I rarely use Ambre and Eklore in Survivor, but they work, esp. if you have Heal 2 or Toxin/Poison activated on your opponent.

friday 19/04

Cheers for explanation Rowdy smiley

Wait, -life works against Nemo again? When was that changed? smiley
Nemo is confusing. If I remember correctly, he was released he was released as a +1life per round max 1 card, and was classified as a +life card. This meant his ability kicked in after dmg was delt, but before psn, -life, and heal cards. Then he was changed to rebirth which is classified as a heal/regen card, (which makes sense to me). But, at the same time, it made it so only psn cards could KO him.
But then, maybe I imagined the whole deal...

thursday 18/04

And Morlha is the new Gheist leader

tuesday 16/04

I'm legit mad that another strong MT again has the Clintz bonus....

Well now the last LD mission is not counting training KOs even thou there is no mode specification...

0/17 so it is active...

win 17 fights through knock outs

won 2 training matches through knock out still 0/17

monday 15/04

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@up Guru and Vickie has same stats (Vickie overall) but way better ability. All big cards have strong ability except of McLain and Kiki Cr but they have greater stats to compensate this fllaw. Compared to big cards #Tanaereva clearly seems weaker.
@Goyo Emperor well there are thousands of possibilities, we can't tell what big Ulu Watu will get, it might be as well one of those weird kings from comics (purple octopus dude and worse Nereus version) which I hope won't happen they aren't looking too good...

sunday 14/04

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Don't give market players more reasons to ruin the market

friday 12/04

This is not solely focusing on cataloguing GhosTown. Any escapee of Judge Lynch will be recorded as well.

tuesday 09/04

Big cards tend to follow the playstyle of the clan. Hence why the Freaks big is a great opener, Jungo big is a life manipulator, Uppers big is a low piller. and so on.
But I don't think Riots really has a 'cemented' playstyle. They are frequently used for pill manipulation, but they don't particularly rely on it (the clan doesn't suffer much from SoA/SoB). But at the same time, they don't have the most amazing stats either. They feel like a support clan; cards that will make it easier for scarier cards to win rounds.

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