@Um_AaaBattery thank you
@Queeen if Only there was a card named after me smiley

What about the invite to the Discord channel...wait I will add myself.smiley

True NaaRcho.

I was thinking about which ones are worth deleting in a sense that if a new player just went in the game, they would instantly know instead of having to search it up in a complex procedure.

Fury I think is worth removing since it is assumed a new player will (and should) play Tutorial Mode.

The other 3 I will keep until I get more suggestions. I will rephrase some parts too.

News/Info on this Thread

Updates might take a while if I am busy.

Testing a new feature for my guide to include card rarity next to their name.

Will fix the checklist to display rarity count.

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No problem, I actually do appreciate the effort made to get the old artworks for cards for reference.

These are great strategies! Some have worked for me! I have less than a half million clintz but about 2 million in characters! Some characters I've had have gone CR!

Other Gameplay Guides + Explanations


Basic Deck Building

Stop opp Bonus VS Stop opp Ability and all the like, EXPLAINED

The Ultimate 1HKO Guide {Updated}

Level Reference Chart

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I am pretty sure with McLain arrive Sentinel going to have 3 cards with 8 damage smiley


So managed to come up with the first four characters of the rebooted Shoal aka the Courtz. I've actually tried to come up with some stats too, hopefully nothing too OP or useless.

Bio: For years, the residents of Shoal Court have been keeping their noses clean and stayed out of the clan warfare. But things changed once loveable rogue and hacker Fawkes moved into the tower blocks. All those normies needed was someone to bring them together and see the bigger picture- knowledge is power, and their unassuming identities are perfect for getting that information. All for the greater good, of course! But not everyone is on board just yet- could this make or break the cause?

Background/Style: They have a bit of an urban theme now, not too different to the Bangers but their overall fashion style is quite varied depending on who you're looking at (e.g. Fawkes has a total Cyberpunk vibe going on). Thought it would also be interesting if not everyone was on board with Fawkes' MO.

Bonus: Gonna keep this as Protection: Power because why not, eh?

Support: +1 Life

If you need any sort of relationship advice, go to Juno. Not because she's the best kind of person for that sort of thing, but because she won't hesitate to end you if she finds out you spoke to someone else. She's gotten herself a nice little role in helping the city with its problems in one of the local magazines, which also provides a nice source of intel for the Courtz to use in order to help Juno help her readers with whatever troubles they throw her way.

Consume 1, Min 4

If you pay a visit to Shoal Court and come across a figure as pale as snow, you haven't seen a ghost. That's Viveen, the Courtz's resident electrician and engineer. When she's not sorting out the tower block's electrical problems, she's working on super-cute, pint-sized, robotic companions but she's sick of having to tell Fawkes that she's not going to put cameras in their eyes. Next time he asks, she may very well have to sock him one.

-10 Opp Attack, Min 3

Don't let her posh name and demeanour fool you. Fernleigh is just as knowledgeable about hardcore rap and screamo metal as she is about famous classical pieces. Running her indie radio show from her apartment, she has no interest in being part of Fawkes' regime but she's managed to sweet talk her way into his music collection. Thanks to his taste in a weird fusion of EDM and Ska, her show has really taken off but now she just wishes Fawkes would shut up about her having a phone-in portion...

Cancel Opp Life and Pillz Modifier

Viveen's mentor and father figure, Wallace can't leave Shoal Court as much as he'd like to thanks to the fragility that comes with growing old. But he's always on hand to help the younger members and residents with whatever project they're working on. And this was before Fawkes brought them together. He's still as helpful and fatherly to his fellow Courtz but can't help but feel this whole gathering information malarkey is less resourceful and being more, what his 'daughter' would say, nosy af.

(I'd be lying if I said this guy wasn't somewhat based on Wallace from Wallace and Gromit.)

thursday 18/10

Rescue bonus is stronger than Huracan's if only very slightly, IMO. While it can be better left unchecked, it also means that it limits your strategy as in you almost always have to play to win in the first 2 rounds or you hamper your effectiveness massively. So while sometimes your attack manipulation is stronger, either you sacrifice predictability or you sacrifice your attack manip by losing rounds 1 and 2.

Freaks bonus is great IMO, because the cards are significantly designed around it. Such as Splata's pretty much perfect damage of 5 for it in Tourney, or the massive number of stalling cards etc.

I don't think Frozn's bonus is what limits them in anyway, in a half deck theoretically it's the strongest bonus. They are limited because the Frozn card design means that they almost always consider their card stats and abilities if the bonus is active, meaning in half decks where you pull 1 Frozn only it's usually very weak, and in a full deck you only use 2 cards to maximum effectiveness.

^Oof. That Tiwi LD plushie sounds awesome...smiley

See, posts like this are why I want the forums revamped. Some bolding and/or italics, a longer character limit, and the ability to fix hyperlinks would really make this shine. But that is a different matter.

I really like the mini-conversations about each character. Though, why the Hive would interview characters from other clans for their ‘secure’ database is beyond me. smiley
Anyways, good work.

Personally our guild is doing speculation by having members announce their Cryptocoin pulls in a Guild Forum than a public forum and are basing a theory around it.

Even I have no exact information how it works. Only an Admin would know in my opinion.

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wednesday 17/10

Wow, thats amazing, well done. That's like 0.1% chance of pulling 2 10 mil+ cards in a row so good job.

Ghoonbones in the girls pack?


tuesday 16/10

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Yes, i get the two points. However I find Virginia more versatile than Dashra but it's a matter of opinion, of course. And above them there is only one: Reine Cr, obviously.

@AbigailWyatt smiley

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