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@Ter700 I've brought that up a couple times with no response. I'm not sure if its a bug or if his negative pwr and damage modifiers are meant to ignore cancels (as it would make him beastly verse a whole other group of cards).

I keep hoping for an explanation on it though.

@Chef Mike sometimes, buying a random character on the market fixes the problem smiley

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Girls are welcomed smiley

Is ur(dot(dot)xephon(dot)org safe to use? I've always used it to retrieve my total collection clintz value. It seems like a very helpful tool but is it regarded safe by you guys?


Why there is nobody here crying for Regan?

Bodenpower & Charlie raised by 70k.
Uranus by 100k.

There are too many copies of them since then till now unlike cards that goes straight CR after a month.

sunday 23/06

It does have progress unless you have 2x or more of a single copies on your hand, then it wouldn't progress.
In the past it wasn't like that but it seems they changed it smiley

Only Peeps Mission won't progress which has happen to everyone.

This should have been in normal mode. Would have been waay better in normal mode...

Thank you UR, I really enjoyed new variety in ELO missions.
Trying new cards is fun.

friday 21/06

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I predict next Big will be on Xmas day. smileysmileysmiley

thursday 20/06

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Its glitched you must contact support

wednesday 19/06

Thank you very much for all the staff who makes this happen. I personally appreciate the change they made to improve our experience in the game. Good job and good luck staff smiley

monday 17/06

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Guys, thx everyone!
we just donated 3000€ to 'Solidarité femmes', which is the integrity of the credits spent in this pack.

friday 14/06

Looks like it's fixed or they're working on it atm.

thursday 13/06

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I disagree with uchtul being useless. it was fantastic for any LD backlash missions, and so few opponents ever expect you to actually use pillz on him for a second-round 2hko.

sunday 09/06

Sell it for 10k then and buy a card you don't have. And now you have the 3rd and final mission opened this week, so you can earn a good Ld card.

10k isn't amazing, but its fitting enough for a bi weekly mission.

saturday 08/06

Sorry to here, however Clint City News will be giving a lot more prizes in the forthcoming issues. Join Clint City News Updates and Clint City News FR to be kept updated smiley

friday 07/06

Personally I think it will be 4 Komboka this week and 2 weeks from now. My basis for the prediction is I feel their is the need to establish Komboka on the Survivor and EFC Meta.

While Seta is a good card, I think some more option besides Betul, Seta and Volkan Cr are essential to give flexibility in the rooms and to really define the Clan. Maybe a 3 Star card for Survivor, but unlikely.

Although I understand your prediction batdut from a Frozn perspective where the 3rd NewBlood wave featured this time only 2 cards from Frozn and 2 other clans cards and acknowledge it as a good one.

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