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Same here smiley

Join up, The bots are really cool and interesting along with few specimens in the chat smiley

Is ur(dot(dot)xephon(dot)org safe to use? I've always used it to retrieve my total collection clintz value. It seems like a very helpful tool but is it regarded safe by you guys?


Hopefully in some upcoming New Blood, I'm still waiting for that to happen.. smiley

sunday 20/01

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Thank you staff, for hearing us out smiley

saturday 19/01

After re-reading the last page which contains some last words from the original Dregn; it brings up an interesting point. In a way, he still won even in death. Whether Hive or Vortex takes over, part of him will always be there to rule along with Scylla/Maana Cersei. (See Alpha/Omega Dregn.)

friday 18/01

Coliseum ends at 21 January Monday 15:00 GMT+2.
Likely deck issue.

Just make sure your deck is the following:
-No SemiEvos. (Clarice Lv 3 cannot be used.)

-Must contain only cards from the ones as approved. (You can check that by selecting Coliseum in My Collection and it will filter to only the approved cards.).
Note: None of the approved cards are 5 Stars. If a card is 5 stars, its not in the list for sure.

-25 Stars.

-Must use 2 Clans

-Balanced deck: 4 from one Clan, 4 from the other.

Otherwise, that should be what you need.

wednesday 16/01

I use android so i cant comment on IOS

saturday 12/01

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Old elo was the best

friday 11/01

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Is this price decrease from 250 down to 190 credits permanent for future Arena Packs, or was this a one time offer during the Winter Sale?

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@LoA Impala: Ambre... smiley

thursday 10/01

I've seen it. We get nothing in their place.

wednesday 09/01

If they are just starting to slowly release these clan arena's, I don't see them changing from the top down view for a very long while Babs. I'm not sure their plan for pacing the release dates but at the very earliest I don't see them releasing the next 27 in a year. Then I don't imagine them changing it soon afterwards as people will have paid a lot of money just for the skin. A year or two is just a bit optimistic before we see a more landscape style possibly return.

Also, I expected my clan arena emote idea to get atleast one response smiley haha.

monday 07/01

Whats up with the -NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN- and a bunch of Ns

sunday 06/01

No problem and yeah it feels like for ever

saturday 05/01

Kuai Liang

thursday 03/01

The IOS app is still crashing every time I try to open it. Haven played in over two weeks pretty much at all. I’m 99% mobile user. I like the app for battles and I have a flash browser that I’m using right now for forum stuff and the market is nicer here. It doesn’t really do battles though.

tuesday 01/01

I would guess the big announcement has to do with the next comic.

monday 31/12/2018

Sorry, it was La Junta W4r Ld.

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