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Doh, missed the "consolation" part. Staff, please ignore my previous post. Sorry about that.

In first post is link

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Quickbattle is unavailable? fix it pls

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Is ur(dot(dot)xephon(dot)org safe to use? I've always used it to retrieve my total collection clintz value. It seems like a very helpful tool but is it regarded safe by you guys?


Ever heard about the game mode called efc @Ares?

Each of these cards helps there clan out in efc.

Kiral can be a dangerous card played against the right clans.

Litchxxt can be a scary card played in late game and can turn the game around.

Tinner can either be used as a quick starter combo or late game combo. Either way he can make a huge gab between you and your opponents life.

#Deja brings a new type of ability to the table and can make some interesting scenario to the table

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Guys, vote and ban Ongh Cr from EFC smiley

Yep watching the evos of little Bryan to big Bryan is what drew me in
Been playing it ever since. Can't even imagine how long it will take for a newb to collect all these cards smiley

You should leave available the normal Survivor, not everyone we want to play EFC mode... smiley

tuesday 21/01

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Flugo@39 smileysmiley

wednesday 15/01

I think Bikini Joe Ld does need a change. There are so many better cards that have similar stats as him, but their ability outweighs a protected bonus. Maybe a 8/1 or 9/1 VoD- 2 opp. life min 1 since they don't have a great low star dr or defeat +life card that isn't banned defeat - life can be the next best thing to shrink the gap. VoD makes him a little less stable than having 8/3 or 9/3 defeat: -2 opp life. while the min 1 is a double edge blade allowing him to take you under their bonus min, but making KO harder.

tuesday 14/01

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Can we have the list of the players in the club with the fighting values?
- Current ELO
- Survivor score
- Best DT performance

Or having a way to see it, with time intervals

Screw MT, is she gonna frickin turn CR?

monday 13/01

Guess I shouldn't have waited to buy my packs. smiley

sunday 12/01

If I should pick 5 favorit clan it would have to be these five

#All star. I lower playing aggressively with them, and make sure to have the power advantages against my opponent and the same time make sure that they can't do anything to effect my power.

GhosTown. I love the night and day combos the fact that at both night and day I can get the control of my opponents power and hurt them a lot.

Roots. Over the last year I have grown a love for roots. They shown me to be a technical hard clan to play were they have some strong damagde card, but mostly focusing on inflect small damage while controlling the life of the battle.

Sentinel. They are a really strong clan with a lot of strong base power. The fact that some of there cards have 8 power with high damagde is really awesome and make them easy to play without relaying on there ability.

Uppers. I love the the gameplay style that they bring to the table. They might not have the strongest base power, but they bring some of the strongest abilities to the game, which makes up for there lack of power. On top of that, they also have one of the strongest bonuses.

Junkz, Rescue and Sakrohm is also part of my favourite clans and I love playing with them

thursday 09/01

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UR Instagram is just a platform for more dedicated fans. They are posting images, videos, Q & A and different stuff. UR forum isn't really platform for such a stuff.

And these hints are not so obvious anyway, GraksmxxT Mt hint I understood only after it turned MT and this one about Tanaereva I personally even didn't noticed.

monday 06/01

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All week @super Ho-oh

saturday 04/01

I would guess Monday...

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Best way to generate crypto is doing the "Up" missions in EFC mode every week...

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