thursday 10/05/2018

3 female and 1 male

2 rare and 1 uncommon and 1 common

tuesday 08/05/2018

The last change was anticipated last month: we decided to try and give one more base Damage to Pl4gue Ld, in order to make him more impactful on the match and help him distinguish in playstyle from Bikini Joe Ld.

That's all folks smiley

We hope you will like the new Dominion that will come out this Friday... smiley

Good UR!

monday 07/05/2018

Sounds like Oon Cr is going to be Dominions ld. His name is Lord Oon Ld

friday 04/05/2018

thursday 03/05/2018

hot logo UR 47 messages

I am getting bugg... in arcade whenever bot starts match he won't play card... I am winning but it is waste of my time, what's up with that?

saturday 28/04/2018

At last, those Collectors are not in the Gold Chest. Quetzal Cr, Ielena Cr and Askai Cr are in reasonable Tokenz Chests.

friday 27/04/2018

New Clan tomorrow! And the gender ratio is going to be 50/50.

thursday 26/04/2018

Lol you might wont to make the life bars a bit bigger seems they goo to fast when the event starts its over in like 3 hours lol.
or have then best 2 out of 3 lol. they start Monday then it resets Wesnday then if its tied it resets Friday an is over Saturday.

the way it is now seems lop sided just saying.

Yes, you need to fight hard with low level. No mercy.

tuesday 24/04/2018

@Yurieu HoA

Because it was totally not about the cards

Chaos is gone!
Time to change all the Forum Tags!

thursday 19/04/2018

monday 16/04/2018

I feel a new equalizer ability coming out.

thursday 12/04/2018

Gheist, ghostown, pussycat and sakhroom

What... Its over already.
[img] Bros Classic_Dec21 13_08_24.png[/img]

Look at my presets and vote up smiley

monday 09/04/2018

saturday 07/04/2018

I know we just erase cards and i would like to point out that most of my money is invested on the five clans banned this week, i really need to say that this week survival was amazing in type 2. Long time ago that i didnt have this much fun playing cards and clans i used to play in deathmatch!
Nice week Staff !!! smileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

Can we move down Behemoth? Seriously the first week in EFC Tower is so ridiculous. Whoever gets Behemoth wins

thursday 05/04/2018

Hello, would request for a confirmation whether Comanche has been introduced in titanium and armageddon packs as it is already past the 4th of April? Her price is .. smiley

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