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friday 01/06/2018

Alguém ne consegue emprestar uma lagertha só por hoje para fazer as missões?

Here is my new prediction on Death Adder`s stats.

1/1 1*, 6/1 2*, 7/1 3*, 8/2 4*, 9/3 5* (Unlock ability at Lv 3)
Day: Dope 2, Max 12 Night: Consume 2, Min 3
Bonus: Growth: -1 Opp. Power, Min 4

I think this will make him somewhat fearsome as the leader of Dominion while creating an interesting, but not broken challenge. Can be stopped with SOA.

Dominion and nights got a major Nerf.

Bangers got a slight boostsmiley

How much time it takes to get your request accepted ?

thursday 31/05/2018

Hello Urban Rivals players,
Here there are the reasons behind the aforementioned changes:

Dominion and Nightmare were quite popular the past weeks, while the recently introduced Exchange abilites were used a lot and we are watching them carefully.

Whenever we introduce a new clan, we don’t only create cards for the Z Palace, but also for the other game modes.
Dookor is one example, being an extremely solid card designed for all Type 1 and Type 2 decks.
We decided to allow him in Z Palace as the clan had only access to 9 cards at the moment of his release.
Now that Dominion have access to a bigger roster of cards (with 2 more coming out next week), we think we can safely move him down to EFC Tower, as we do with the majority of the new survivor-designed characters we release.

With the release of Incubus, we think the clan roster of 4* cards is strong enough and there is no need to keep in the format Dj Korps, due to his very strong semievo potential.
We had to decide if removing his semievo ability, or if lowering him down to Polit Arena (like we did for Leliana, who proved to be ok as 5* but too strong as 4*).
We decided to follow this second path, restoring Mefisto to Z Palace.

Fang Pi Clang:
Pa Mei and Dokuja Ld slowly became much more popular during the past months.
Dokuja Ld in particular spotted extremely high match winrates, similars to the ones of Goure and Leone in the past.
We fear she may become a danger to the format in the near future.
This is why we decided to restore her attack manipulation from +15 to +14.
This change may not seem like much, but that single attack point marked a crucial difference in the pill fights against other 7 powered cards. We think this change will keep her strong, but under control.

Jungo and Raptors:
These two clans were rarely used and we would like to boost them a little.
Antoine and Rocket are support-based cards, a condition very difficult to be played in this zone.
Salsa and Shaker are relatively recent releases, and while they aren’t powerhouses, their abilities may prove useful to counter the new Exchange mechanic.
This is we we decided to try the swaps Antoine-Salsa and Rocket-Shaker, hoping it will help the meta to adapt to these new abilities.

Bangers were the least used clan the past month.
While this was surely influenced by the prominence of Nightmare and Dominion, we think the 2* roster of the clan could use a little help, as it is strongly dependant to Skinny Bob Ld.
This is why we decided to try a swap Doug Snop-Pearl for this month. This will also serve as a test for a New Blood coming soon… ; )

Riots were also rarely used. We decided to try a swap that we anticipated some time ago: the unban of Pr Priest for Rockwall.
Pr Priest is indeed a very solid pick, but we think it will have his place in the meta for these reason:
- competition with Pr Balthazar.
Pr Balthazar is commonly picked over him in every other zone. Since Pr Balthazar hasn’t showed dangerous signs in Z Palace, we think it’s safe to assume the same will be true for Pr Priest.
- difficulty of building a Riots deck with a double 5 stars card.
Due to their bonus and playstyle, Riots resulted to be more effective when played as a defensive clan. Using their low stars cards to help other clan finishers, more than being an offensive clan on its own.
In our opinion, this change should give the clan an additional option (especially since Pr Priest is a strong answer to Dominion), without making Riots too powerful.

The clan is one of the few clans having three 5* cards in the zone.
Rust is a card that was created for high stars game modes and we think it isn’t really helpful in Z Palace. The clan offers already Pavel as an offensive choice and Aviria Ld, easily accessible, as a defensive choice.
We think Rust reduces the possible clan picks at lower levels, and this reduces the clan overall strenght and adaptability.
This is why we decided to do a swap Rust-Westwood.

All Stars, Sakrohm, Vortex, Pussycats, Skeelz, GHEIST, La Junta, Frozn, GhosTown, Huracan, Rescue, Junkz, Ulu Watu, Berzerk, Freaks, Hive, Roots, Uppers, Piranas:
We think there is no need to change anything to these clans for now.

There are no changes in the zones lower than Z Palace.

tuesday 29/05/2018

Against spoiler you have to just leave the last round (sometimes 2nd last) as it's overpowering your card by 5-6 power most of the time

sunday 27/05/2018

Dookor + #Valhala , Dj Korps 4* + Incubus, Lagertha... you killed everything in these last 2 NB waves

Please delete Dj Korps semievo, and exchange vs protection should work as copy, for example El Parasito vs #Valhala both cards should have 6 dmg, otherwise you can't have a solid deck, all you can do is play some cards with good stats, some exchange and some cards with bad stats and good abilities and hope you get a favourable handsmiley

friday 25/05/2018

Well put Izy.

But seriously, the new powers give us a wider scope of action to help other UR players in managing the EN community.

wednesday 23/05/2018

I figured the probly drop her stats for that ability thought. an if vholt did change to that ability cancel life modifier she have a leader that can just stop her.

Remember its a team event of guild not singles event!
Before joining the event make sure you register your guild mates with player links in cesky section of event in order to get accepted smiley
Good luck smiley

monday 21/05/2018

Rather than looking for a pM, start pm ing your guild mates and friends.
Somebody has to initiate it anyways smiley

friday 18/05/2018

I take it Henry drops back out of Z Palace as well?

thursday 17/05/2018

Commanche isnt goin down in pricebsmiley

saturday 12/05/2018

All stars are dead in t1 with the ban of #robb cr and Schatzi besides all stars will need 3/4 pills just to get over dollums attack. Dollum in R1, Sopiket in R3/R4 and Caelus Cr somewhere in the middle is a little too much to face.

I got beta key today.
Sorry to say but i cannot start it


thursday 10/05/2018

3 female and 1 male

2 rare and 1 uncommon and 1 common

tuesday 08/05/2018

The last change was anticipated last month: we decided to try and give one more base Damage to Pl4gue Ld, in order to make him more impactful on the match and help him distinguish in playstyle from Bikini Joe Ld.

That's all folks smiley

We hope you will like the new Dominion that will come out this Friday... smiley

Good UR!

monday 07/05/2018

Sounds like Oon Cr is going to be Dominions ld. His name is Lord Oon Ld

friday 04/05/2018

thursday 03/05/2018

hot logo UR 47 messages

I am getting bugg... in arcade whenever bot starts match he won't play card... I am winning but it is waste of my time, what's up with that?

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