monday 06/11/2017

Stop necro posting. This was from the beginning of the year. This argument is very outdated.

So I mostly play Tourney Type 1 and been trying to playing more EFC but I keep forgetting. What are the good clans/set ups that people have been seeing? I mostly have been running raptors but I have seen that Berzerkers worked well randomly

saturday 04/11/2017

I mean Lyse Teria Cr in t2... come on... xD thats just total ... ya know lol

friday 03/11/2017

Hmmmm smart smileysmiley

thursday 02/11/2017

Since the next comic will be in a Christmas one (since it will be released in December), I wonder if it will be a reuniting of Impera Sloane and her son, Matheo (A Plane to Hell). A Christmas magic that only the Raptors can provide in their own screwed up (possibly dark humored) way.

wednesday 01/11/2017

You guys really are milking this game while you can

XP boost is much better

tuesday 31/10/2017

Congratulation everyone!

I only recognize 10 - Rowdy MOB Cr. All are very nice though.smiley

I didn't get a pack. smiley Who would I reach out to?


sunday 29/10/2017

hot logo UR 90 messages

DT clintz should be changed to card packs like efc but smaller.

*mind = bugged*

friday 27/10/2017

So who will be removed from new bloods packs after new bloods arrive?

Marshal and who else?

thursday 26/10/2017

Whoops. My bad. It says they will stay exclusive until the release of Season 4 on the previous announcement.

Nvm, I think I got it smiley

wednesday 25/10/2017

Adding to what Isolator GUB said - in-game, forced ads are pretty much a thing for most major games, or at the very least ad strips throughout the site; yet I haven't seen them here, and wouldn't want for UR to become "normal" like that.
There are ways to boost a game's popularity or player investments without killing their confidence in said game in the process.... These offers just aren't doing that.

Staff, pleas work on optimization, flash version were working even on my microwave. Than, one more thing - when u got an Internet connection lost even for 1 second - its give an error like "bla bla bla check your internet connection" with a button RETRY. So, when u click this button - application starts to reload and battle is lost.

monday 23/10/2017

hot logo UR 63 messages

Yeah I wish the same thing too, but I think it's impossible to happen

sunday 22/10/2017

@Izy: Or , either one works.

I love this! Thank you to everyone who put effort into making this! i especially liked the DT section smileysmiley

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