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friday 23/03/2018

About the 'Arcade Only' Missions
Since this is supposedly the last 'new' arcade season, can you make it so we can complete them in levels we already have 3 stars in?

wednesday 21/03/2018

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The gold tokenz event will end on sunday aswell?

saturday 17/03/2018

I've just managed to complete it now - I used GHEIST, if anyone is struggling and wondering what deck to use.

friday 16/03/2018

thursday 15/03/2018

New cards tomorrow! Predictions are Raptors, Pussycats, Riots, and GhosTown.

tuesday 13/03/2018

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@ batdut5
So from these stories mystic isn't the cards that died more like left again, some died others just went away even further like in the case of Ratanah mt, dounia mt, manon mt and scarlett mt. Maybe Smokey MT as he never gotten a story Ratanah mt was confirmed by comic.

@Yurieu HoA
Exactly how I felt.
Although I wonder if big game hunting might mean we might be seeing a monster hunter based monster for that card. However, does raptors need another strong card when we have rex sweig, rage, sloane etc. I also have my own suspicions that Cannibal jo cr got her name from Deviljoh a vicious monster from monster hunter that eats anything in any environment plus even its own body parts that get sliced off.

sunday 11/03/2018

The staff has distributed the prizes. I received all the tokenz and the message from kate telling me what I won.

saturday 10/03/2018

Batdut5 that's what I thought it's just the way it was worded made it seem like that but what to make sure before I bought some packs thanks

friday 09/03/2018

I saw the anouncement
the other one is kerrozin

thursday 08/03/2018

Still not enough incentive to not buy new bloods which are stacked with behemoth, zaveli, roderick etc.

Arcade mode is so lame, i'm glad this is the last. Hardcore mode is actually easier than normal mode because you can just play normally and not try to get stupid stars...

I only have heal life left to do for arcade missions and it's painful! I'll probably finish by end of season but good riddance to arcade mode!smiley

wednesday 07/03/2018

The clan has been in the middle of the ranking, no change necessary.

The clan has been in the middle of the ranking.
After many tests, we decided to finally modify Krazan Ld.
The past month saw Krazan being played much less than before, and the release of Bakuta Ld (second card with Equalizer for the clan) probably won't help the two to coexist.
We would like Krazan to be a decent healer and a match opener that doesn't have to rely on the opponents cards to be effective, but not too strong since the clan is fine in the ranking.
This is why we decided to change him from 7-2 Equalizer: +1 Life to 7-2 Regen 1.

The clan has been in the middle of the ranking, no change necessary.

The clan has been in the middle of the ranking, no change necessary.

The clan has been played poorly, despite the change of Yomi Ld.
We considered different possible courses of action:
- Replacing Galactea with Nekron, to make the clan stronger offensively
- Replacing Galactea with Xingshu, to make the clan stronger offensively
- Restoring Plunk and/or Kephren in place of Henry and/or Miss Xingshu, to make the clan stronger as a low stars-support clan
We are not sure the first two possibilities will be a permanent solution. Xingshu may cause issues as a splash*, and Nekron may result being a too strong 5 stars card to have around.
This is why we decided the third option, sacrificing the possibility of a mono clan deck in exchange of much more versatility for bi-clan.

*a splash means playing a card of a certain clan alone, as it is extremely solid without her bonus. Other examples are Spiaghi or Spyke.

Ulu Watu:
The clan has been slighty above the middle of the ranking, no change necessary.

The clan has been slightly below the middle of the ranking, no change necessary.
We will take a close look on how McLayton will perform this month.
It may be possible that next month Josephine OR McNeal will return in place of Sir Barks

The clan has been in the middle of the ranking, no change necessary.

Forgive me if I made some english grammar mistakes,

edited by ChaosDragon88 wednesday 07/03/2018, 17:12

Just put each other in the dirt on the battlefield smiley

saturday 03/03/2018

Write a week later

friday 02/03/2018

Thinking of why we should not do sth and giving reasons why it could be bad once done is counterproductive. As for me, I stated my reasons above. It is not about complaints, it is feedback based on experience. There is a discussion on a feature of the game by its users. It is understood that by default everyone who takes part agrees to the conditions of the event. No-one can be objective about anything. Respect opinions as long as they do not offend.

thursday 01/03/2018

I don't think Uppers is viable anymore... withouth Bob Joby we are just.... lost.

tuesday 27/02/2018

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Then why make cheap cards expensive? how come Vector and Chwing cost the same now?

friday 23/02/2018

Is the update live?

tuesday 20/02/2018

The French version is also online:

I ask sorry that it took so much time to do the lottery for this issue:

The lucky players will get their cards soon. Also the winners of the puzzles will receive their cards soon.

As for the current Clint City issue:
1) You can navigate through the various articles from the Contents page

2) There is a fan fiction contest running on page 45. You have the chance to win Blaaster cr, Mechakolos cr and Noctezuma cr. Oh, and world domination... not!

-The fan fiction should start with: "Oh no, it happened again..."
-Up to 5000 words
-Must be written in English
-Deadline until the middle of March
All the stories will be published in the following issues. What are you waiting for?

3) Don't forget to vote for the best Leader in our newest survey:

4) Read a lot more articles in our current issues, like reviews, market advice, EFC stats, DT tips, puzzles and more:
Send your feedback to urbanrivalsmagazine@outlook.com

5) Finally, Clint City News are still recruiting for more staff. We are also searhing for more English-to-French translators.


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Cool! smiley

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