saturday 21/10/2017

"I lost by timeout against the AI but it was their turn to play and a card was never played."
I've seen the same thing happen in SBonus. If the AI goes first in the match and doesn't do anything for 10-15 seconds, you can give it a little smooch with the Kate emotes to get it into playing the card and avoid a loss by timeout.

friday 20/10/2017

Its because freaks as a clan in this new format cant get support, if you look for their z palace cards the only utility card is a 5* 8/6 and a 6/3 2* defeat + 1 pill which is not gonna cut it, why make a half for a clan that only deals dmg, if you look at other dmg clan like La junta they got Blaine, Ethane, Naja LD which can manipulate how the opponents play. Freaks just dont have anything, most of their abilities are design to win the round and not the manipulative clan that they used to be with soa/defeat/drs.

thursday 19/10/2017

How about those 20 winners ? smiley

saturday 14/10/2017

(24_7) God UR wins 3 Generals Cr. Must feel satisfiedsmiley

friday 13/10/2017

Initially it said "Red Dragonz in normal and hardcore modes!"
Then they changed it to "Red Dragonz in normal mode!"
Wew. Anyone can complete normal mode easily. What's the bloody point?

Enough ia enough

Ghost town, vortex, freaks, riots

thursday 12/10/2017

It’ll be a Ymirah Cr remake.
I really enjoy how Urban Rivals are starting to tell stories with characters. Such a fun time to be playing this game

tuesday 10/10/2017

Uh from the last cr contest I believe its only 1 entry max per person

monday 09/10/2017

Its back to normal smiley

saturday 07/10/2017


Well, I had my usual luck with pack opening anyway picked hive ghost town raptors and pussycats...

friday 06/10/2017

tuesday 03/10/2017

@ChaosDragon88, somebody from stuff said no more CRs this year - 10 April 2017
Lied in new CRs coming for this year

monday 02/10/2017

friday 29/09/2017

Man no more t1 modification smiley

Give freaks some 11 power card haha. No one is using them except for poison ld mission

thursday 28/09/2017

You can again contact the support und read the FAQ :

Can u just bring back elo mode now?

tuesday 26/09/2017

I think this pack is not that bad, anyone else open this ?[[1099,1417,1577,1177,1104,1093,1269,1266,886,1578,1098,1053,1438,1314,1336,1581,970,1267,1374,1102,1521,159,243,1141,610,834,545,423,1297,339]]&newmissions=[2374]&completedmissions=[2803,2802]

sunday 24/09/2017

Don't know if this would be a good idea, to be honest, my dear friend.

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