friday 22/09/2017

Or, more likely, they're amongst the other 12 communities.

Yay no more 2* wall for juntas tho junta still have some good 2* scooty, spade, dean, tolliver, wardog even victoria? i thnk it may only hurt them a little they are still no1 ko deck for t1, tho the rounds they will win will be lessen and tend to do 2hko instead.

Okay, the missions weren't that bad after all. Luckily it's early in efc season so i could use Sylth Cr and Sigma Cr for the poison mission. Thanks, staff! smiley sorry for my earlier complaining. smiley

thursday 21/09/2017

When sarah left Z palace for vortex, they kinda fall down and because weak on that area

tuesday 19/09/2017

Hi guys, can someone tell me how to get Yomi Ld?

Yeah, nothing changed. smiley

sunday 17/09/2017

Thank you everyone! Keep sending us emails in and if you would like to join the Clint City News staff, contact with me. There are plenty of spaces for reviews, analysis, tips and more...
Also, we will try to publish all of your emails in the next issue, if it is ok with you.

saturday 16/09/2017

U have 600 difference of points

friday 15/09/2017

Ghostown definitely. Common

Vortex 9 power. Rare

Berzerk. 3*

Frozen. A cheap Ymirah substitute

thursday 14/09/2017

logo UR 10 messages


Google dakota, see only picture of girls.

K L U W N: you have it, it's called prdtr ld smiley

monday 11/09/2017

What is the usually drop rate? isnt it a pack out of like 40 characters or so..... i mean so a 10% drop rate then? its a steallll.

P.S Raptors don't really Counter Vortex

I hope we figure out what has thawed from the ice in the Frozn domain soon.

friday 08/09/2017

I like the event, brings memory of old noob days when you thought rainbow deck was best deck to play with.

I met many "understanding" player during KO mission, and it makes doing KO mission easier (compared with ollie's KO mission that took me around 6 hours). Thanks smiley

monday 04/09/2017

sunday 03/09/2017

hot logo UR 64 messages

App is gonna be updated very soon.
Everything will be the same evrywhere.
Even on Steam.

saturday 02/09/2017

Its like: Hello, All Stars, Bangers, Ulu Watu & Vortex smiley

friday 01/09/2017

Te reto

thursday 31/08/2017

New cards tomorrow! Predictions are GHEIST, Freaks, GhosTown, and Junkz.

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