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saturday 26/08/2017

Got her with like, 3 minutes to spare...smiley

friday 25/08/2017

Oh my bad, was an issue with my deck nvm. was thinking this was same rules as last survivor event (no Crs)

wednesday 23/08/2017

Cthulhu lol

tuesday 22/08/2017

I have more than 60% frm la junta and i cant update my skin to la junta :c

monday 21/08/2017

Got it!
Great job.

If you got 28k on Polit Arena, that would put you in the 101-250 range, which isn't high enough for a card pack.

thursday 17/08/2017

Agree with you ivy, think we might see a Berzerk or Ulu too.

Hoping for a vortex smiley

This weekend, we will modify the rules of the Survivor.

Special deck rules Survivor Type 1 :
Your Deck cannot use Collector cards
Your Deck cannot contain more than 2 rares character(s).

Special deck rules Survivor Type 2 :
The sum of the characters levels in your Deck must not exceed 30.

Special daily survivor additional rewards (Type 1 / Type 2):
1°-25°: Tokenz multiplied x3
26°-100°: Tokenz multiplied x2

…and double bonus this weekend: Boost battle points x10 with LaFleur, Karl, Sephora, Bengal, Cletus, Oda Helpah, Koshiro, Padre Frollo, Wave Ld, El Parasito, Antoine, Blink, Blaine, Raser Ld, Cybil, IronJaw, Choko, Gray, Nami Ld, Adam Quartz, Krazan Ld, Svirxneblin, Westwood, Andy Ld, Noland, Nega D Ld, Cyb Yose in Survivor and EFC!

All the modifications will be online only in this specific weekend, starting from Friday at 12.00 (GMT+2) and until Monday at 11.00 (GMT+2).

edited by ChaosDragon88 thursday 17/08/2017, 16:33

wednesday 16/08/2017

hot logo UR 40 messages

Hive and new raptors background are inside this app. Thx for the feedback!

monday 14/08/2017

Good game wellplayed

friday 11/08/2017

@ Goyo Emperor: Most likely not due to Pandora going from OP to Miss Pandora who is a trash card.

tuesday 08/08/2017

Okay so for hardcore mode you get a rare (mine was gertrud), 3 uncommons ( niqoloda, pegh, uranus) and 3 commons (hel, dyan tolliver). Plus 100k clintz and 5 silvers. And apparently the all starz prize was a ld (which i apparently already had so i got nothing)? smiley

monday 07/08/2017

Not.... really?
Teria is pretty average for a 3 star these days. She used to be obscenely broken, but cards at her level aren't as rare as she used to be.
Only reason she'd be banned is because most people don't have access to her, rather than actually being crazy broken.

As far as Guru goes, I'd honestly rather go against him any day of the week than Surstorming, Maana Cercei, Ymirah CR, or Kalindra CR.

friday 04/08/2017

logo UR 14 messages

I think this statement should read different.

For the first deal it’s roughly the same ratio, but for the subsequent deals the new prices will INCREASE by a few centimes or so.

I really hope the imperium est occulus cards are not introduced as a formal clan but rather something new.Waiting til the end of the year for somethings thats already been teased will be unbearably dissapointing and will kill any interest given to the concept by the time of its release.

thursday 03/08/2017

Why pussycat always no chance to get at least one miss even whole clan is female. smiley

New Cards tomorrow! Predictions are Riots, Hive, and of course GhosTown.

sunday 30/07/2017

Your lucky, I got 200 gold and got 2x splata smiley

thursday 27/07/2017

logo UR 29 messages

One day I'll get a answer on "rarity" one day...

wednesday 26/07/2017

Leopold is also pretty real.

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