wednesday 26/06

May anyone post cardpool of that Overpowered pack please ?

sunday 23/06

This should have been in normal mode. Would have been waay better in normal mode...

Thank you UR, I really enjoyed new variety in ELO missions.
Trying new cards is fun.

friday 21/06

hot logo UR 64 messages

I predict next Big will be on Xmas day. smileysmileysmiley

thursday 20/06

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wednesday 19/06

@Chef Mike sometimes, buying a random character on the market fixes the problem smiley

Thank you very much for all the staff who makes this happen. I personally appreciate the change they made to improve our experience in the game. Good job and good luck staff smiley

friday 14/06

Looks like it's fixed or they're working on it atm.

thursday 13/06

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I disagree with uchtul being useless. it was fantastic for any LD backlash missions, and so few opponents ever expect you to actually use pillz on him for a second-round 2hko.

sunday 09/06

Sell it for 10k then and buy a card you don't have. And now you have the 3rd and final mission opened this week, so you can earn a good Ld card.

10k isn't amazing, but its fitting enough for a bi weekly mission.

saturday 08/06

Sorry to here, however Clint City News will be giving a lot more prizes in the forthcoming issues. Join Clint City News Updates and Clint City News FR to be kept updated smiley

friday 07/06

Personally I think it will be 4 Komboka this week and 2 weeks from now. My basis for the prediction is I feel their is the need to establish Komboka on the Survivor and EFC Meta.

While Seta is a good card, I think some more option besides Betul, Seta and Volkan Cr are essential to give flexibility in the rooms and to really define the Clan. Maybe a 3 Star card for Survivor, but unlikely.

Although I understand your prediction batdut from a Frozn perspective where the 3rd NewBlood wave featured this time only 2 cards from Frozn and 2 other clans cards and acknowledge it as a good one.

edited by Rowdy MOB Cr friday 07/06, 10:32

tuesday 04/06

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@batdut5: If they are E.V.I.L., sign me up!
"Every Villain Is Lemons" - SBSP smileysmileysmiley

saturday 01/06

Yes, they are

friday 31/05

Plus if you dont use the retry credit then all you do is go back to the last prize, max of 5 battles back, all of which play exactly the same way if you use the same strategy

thursday 30/05

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@Alucard & Perms
The deadline is midnight between Friday and Saturday French time (UTC +2).

wednesday 29/05

Futoshi LD too strong. He can do much damage and unstoppable.

sunday 26/05

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PC download version is good now. Try.

friday 24/05

The prices hasn´t increased that much, imo. For newer players maybe, but come on man, you are level 175, having 90% of collection and pretty active (atleast on the forums), so it shouldnt be that problematic to save up a little

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