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thursday 01/06/2017

Credit rewards for newbloods flash missions nerfed again I see...

@Cata87 lol apparently you're new, thematic packs don't guarantee the new character, there would be no point in it if everybody got it.

wednesday 31/05/2017

You can filter them in the collection. Its the last 40 characters released of every clan

monday 29/05/2017

Perfectly understandable. I myself have lost by Walkie, Quinzel combos even with GHEIST at my hand in DT Type 2.

It is also a common tactic to use Low stars against high stars to win DT points. I admit the likelihood of Hive being strong in Type 2 Decks is higher as 2 Stars are rare, but a sight in T2 Decks. Raptors have blocked many bluffs.

For anyone who has not completed the Mission: The Ancestors` Pride, Inflict 200 Damages with Miyo in Tourney, you can play her in Type 1. So this is not too severe.

Besides this no issues here.

I initially would suggest Kylorenne, but he is more problematic in Survivor than Daily Tournament from experience.

friday 26/05/2017

I have used both Mt cards in free fights, never seen XP boost once, the clintz boost is working though.

My guess would be


They haven't got a card in new blood parks by my knowledge

tuesday 23/05/2017

monday 22/05/2017

Hat's off for staff.

good call. well-balanced chioce IMHO.
Glad have one of them. smiley
And that crazy suggestions like spyke, kolos, kalindra, ymirah and othes didn't fly!


friday 19/05/2017

A lot of people didn't expected 2015, 2016, 2017, me included smiley

Interesting... smiley

Did Graksmxxt died? smiley smiley smiley

tuesday 16/05/2017

Globumm directly to MH.

A detailed requirement of each badge bronze silver game gold would be nice, gives players goals. Players like goals

- How often they occur
- How many can we watch
- Is there a refresh
- Will promotions do double credit

All questions that have not been told yet.


Defeat not defat on jaxx ld

saturday 13/05/2017

Robb Cr should be banned.

friday 12/05/2017

Confidence bonus will be the worst,if u lose 2 rounds ,and the 3rd one ur already screwd

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