monday 27/02/2017

Had the money to buy credit .. but the offer ended

sunday 26/02/2017

@UM Mr black: I dont think its happened yet,

saturday 25/02/2017

Yea seems to be the same i going up like crazy in the efc casue the weak littel losers given up its fun. smiley

thursday 23/02/2017


Maybe it would be enough to rename it or at least put it to the bottom of the scroll list.

The whole Halloween release went out of new blood with Maana Cercei, but Morrigan came back in when XR disappeared.

tuesday 21/02/2017

Ymirah Cr cannot be balanced or changed: they only change Ld, Leaders and semievo (so yes, they could do something for the overpowered Ymirah Cr semievo)

monday 20/02/2017

Very easy missions. It took less than 2 hour.

friday 17/02/2017

Will Mou be redistributed?

Maana Cercei straight up stole the Vortex bonus. smiley

thursday 16/02/2017

Oh and Hive Zion Mission brings 10 credits. smiley

saturday 11/02/2017

FOR DREGN!!!!!!!! VORTEX FOR THE WIN!!!!!!!!!!

thursday 09/02/2017

+1 Vayu_The_End. Slayer is more of a stable replacement for Louise, not charlie.

wednesday 08/02/2017

Does anyone know the reward of Xantiax Robb's mission?smileysmiley

When does new artwork's come out ?

Damn smiley

so young. I loved his work

tuesday 07/02/2017

Is that how we spell easier? Post 53

monday 06/02/2017

Well i think there is something about winnings in packs. I have noticed but it was never announced. However in my statistics each pack gives you about 2-3 new cards and each pack gives a player average of 40k clintz for their new cards. The people that get multiple xantiax robbs are usually the perople who previously owned him. Same goes for the other cards. The event in which you get such big cards is if the pack didnt provide you with those 2 or 3 new cards than it will provide you with a cards you don't own and is of a higher value. The promo pack have higher average clintz value for new cards so its always better to buy the promost eaven if you don't luck out they seem like they are programed to give you much more value. But again its just a speculation that happens to repeat itself more than the usual ammount of times in this game, And its only for me and the results i evaluated.

sunday 05/02/2017

So anyone got rewards are for them smiley

thursday 02/02/2017

New cards tomorrow! Predictions are Riots, Bangers, All Stars, and Vortex.

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