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wednesday 07/06/2017

^ I have 2 crashes in half an hour. LOL smiley

sunday 04/06/2017

It's called pfullz DB.
Players like Zexo get like 1,6-2k xp each match they play.

saturday 03/06/2017

Yea, in a nutshell, be a manipulator,buy around 400 credits, then manipulate them again
my point is the rewards sucks for beginers in basicly everything,
they should do something for them in special,not including divinity guys in them

thursday 01/06/2017

Credit rewards for newbloods flash missions nerfed again I see...

@Cata87 lol apparently you're new, thematic packs don't guarantee the new character, there would be no point in it if everybody got it.

wednesday 31/05/2017

You can filter them in the collection. Its the last 40 characters released of every clan

monday 29/05/2017

Perfectly understandable. I myself have lost by Walkie, Quinzel combos even with GHEIST at my hand in DT Type 2.

It is also a common tactic to use Low stars against high stars to win DT points. I admit the likelihood of Hive being strong in Type 2 Decks is higher as 2 Stars are rare, but a sight in T2 Decks. Raptors have blocked many bluffs.

For anyone who has not completed the Mission: The Ancestors` Pride, Inflict 200 Damages with Miyo in Tourney, you can play her in Type 1. So this is not too severe.

Besides this no issues here.

I initially would suggest Kylorenne, but he is more problematic in Survivor than Daily Tournament from experience.

friday 26/05/2017

I have used both Mt cards in free fights, never seen XP boost once, the clintz boost is working though.

My guess would be


They haven't got a card in new blood parks by my knowledge

tuesday 23/05/2017

monday 22/05/2017

Hat's off for staff.

good call. well-balanced chioce IMHO.
Glad have one of them. smiley
And that crazy suggestions like spyke, kolos, kalindra, ymirah and othes didn't fly!


friday 19/05/2017

A lot of people didn't expected 2015, 2016, 2017, me included smiley

Interesting... smiley

Did Graksmxxt died? smiley smiley smiley

tuesday 16/05/2017

Globumm directly to MH.

A detailed requirement of each badge bronze silver game gold would be nice, gives players goals. Players like goals

- How often they occur
- How many can we watch
- Is there a refresh
- Will promotions do double credit

All questions that have not been told yet.


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