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tuesday 11/04/2017

@neo_08ms Yes,staff replaced credits to equivalent clintz.

saturday 08/04/2017

Also everyone saying ban from z palace, try making a raptor's z palace deck that actually requires you to run him
you have way better and more consistent nuke options than this guy like Miss Sloane and Quinzel. Also with those high stars taking up the deck already, you are stuck using 2s not a 3s Rage.

thursday 06/04/2017

I understand why Ur sometimes adds a mission that's about completing with a specific character, it will add up to the price of that character, and it's true Hindelga's price started to drop dangerously for such a strong card. But I dont think it helps, maybe it would help Ur if they started adding more permanent missions for cards, with better prices but more quantity, this could possibly work. Missions so far for specific characters are worth around 30 points and a lot of times are definetly not worth completed it (thanks whoever thought winning 200 rounds with Stella should be rewarded with 100 clintz). If Ur wants to really make an impact with character specific missions, don't use them for Ld missions, it's irritating and the higher prices are for a small time, gadd such missions but with better prices and higher quantities to more cards(and with more I mean 50% of each clan) that seems more likely to get players to get more active and a better market

wednesday 05/04/2017

Clint's are worthless. smiley

tuesday 04/04/2017

Mission name is 'EFC III'
win 20 fights in tourney smiley

monday 03/04/2017

At least it's something original Boss smiley

sunday 02/04/2017

Does that mean a lot of cards are going to get redrawn or it just so happens arcto is doing two at the same time?

hot logo UR 113 messages

Izychielwas fooled. April April. Happy Birthday Izy7

More clintz to win smileysmileysmileysmiley

only pity Maana Cercei got banned- I had to replace it, now is even harder to win against raptors, nightmares, piranassmiley

friday 31/03/2017

Peoplee, why doesn't 10XP work in Daily Tournament room?

Well for sure Noctuzemama will be as a new blood + 3 other clans, my guess frozen, ulu watu and pussycatssmiley

Yeah HipHoppa got great argument, those missions reaching certain points in ELO/EFC should be updated

tuesday 28/03/2017

When will the Peanut Labs offers become available?

Maana cercei is still here and hive are a target to destroy.

monday 27/03/2017

Saving credits for new offer smiley

sunday 26/03/2017

Varies by each Coliseum and how long it lasts, but there's always a maximum amount of fights. This one is 40 fights per player.

saturday 25/03/2017

Stephen_911 they are usable you need 100 and then got to the credit store press tokenz and open a crate, it will reward you with 1 CR

friday 24/03/2017

1 week until new Leader smiley
If the staff do not troll us again!

wednesday 22/03/2017


First I was affraid of the fact I need to create new deck after one hour of playing.
But then I realized it is not so hard.
The format is nice, thx

I got just one note - players with low points are supported twice.
Players qith low points could have better deck and get more points for winnig a game.
This is in my eyes pretty sick.

Just one example -
my deck got the biggest restriction. I met player with top cards.
If I win this insane game, I get about 6 points. If I lose, I lose 36 points.
The chance of winning is something about 1%.

Take a look here - http://imgur.com/a/qmRxB

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