thursday 22/12/2016

Berzerk, Frozn, Junkz, Jungo, La Junta, Bangers, Rescue. Pick three, plus the creeper in the background.

MR-Puma. But they did reverse Chinese programming. From good product to bad.

Nevermind. I figured it out. Sorry for the alarm.

Here's the thread with the guidelines:

The voting thread:

Dunno if those were the links you wanted. smiley

If you're looking for the album with the submissions it's here:

wednesday 21/12/2016

Beat hardcore mode with Montana.

AI timed out 2-3 of the 10 fights. smiley

tuesday 20/12/2016

Where i can find the new arcade adventure ?

monday 19/12/2016

Can you guys tell the exact hour this coliseum ends? Timezone is so confusing

sunday 18/12/2016

I put a card in the market and it disappeared my a award cr

saturday 17/12/2016

I've been doing better in Arcade. Beat all of season 2 in normal mode

friday 16/12/2016

Beat Hardcore mode with Huracan.

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Further news on

thursday 15/12/2016

And Why you say that 25 minutes before turn down ? Its problem to say that much earlier ?

GraksmxxT collector monday!

wednesday 14/12/2016

Further news on

It's icarus and the half-blooded Lyse teria cr man

sunday 11/12/2016

Then ban redra as well, any unconditional DR should be removed from DT smiley

saturday 10/12/2016

I hope that you will consider extending time for reaching ld mission cards as one week is too short
it is not very progressive for player which can't play except for weekend

Wow these arts are bad...

If someone could please post mission rewards, it'd be much appreciated.

thursday 08/12/2016

Dashra, Sam, Faiza, Langren

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