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friday 17/03/2017

New cards tomorrow! Predictions are Uppers, Junkz, Bangers, and Riots.

wednesday 15/03/2017

*finally saved up and bought Maana Cercei at 300000*
*this happens and price drops to 240000*

I'm not salty, you're salty.

tuesday 14/03/2017

logo UR 2 messages

This is a BP boost, not XP. Like always.

logo UR 9 messages

I just love this pack way too much and I think you should replace the NB ones with it.

monday 13/03/2017

^ nope its over.

sunday 12/03/2017

HTH can we achieve these missions if the mission count doesn't work on new app at all and just sometimes on the flash version? Sorry but i am sure that this is not the way professional scripting should be done. Release after test and not the other way around. That's rule nr 1 in web IT. Bunch of nitwits imo. smiley

friday 10/03/2017

Arcade was a huge mistake to me.for many reasons. it be fine if all lds could be gained with missions then arcade could stay easy as a way to get that ld when the mission is not active. an they could ask the arcade for credits for the hq's cause the free players have to wait for mission an paying ones can just buy the hq an do it for the ld when ever they wont.

an ld's are suppose to be free cards you cant sell who wont's to play for that ever?

Efc has more promise then elo did. elo ran in to a wall. with banning every card an crippling some clans from ever being used. efc all they have to do is limit an put serten cards in serten zones much easier to balance. just needs work an we players could easly help with that.

may be efc should also have a penalty point whise for the op cards in efc as well like we have for dt's

thursday 09/03/2017

Still no good in game page...smileysmileysmiley

tuesday 07/03/2017

monday 06/03/2017

Anyone know how to download the ap on Chromebook?

sunday 05/03/2017

friday 03/03/2017

@Post 20:
I think the problem most players are having is that it was a very hard to get card in the packs (New Blood and Thematic packs) (some claims that over 5 Mega New Blood packs and nothing of value) and the fact that Ur is changing the rules on who gets to be Collectors pisses them off. Why ? Because when a card is already announced it'll be a Collector, the amount of players that are willing to manipulate the cards price just to get richer is just plain nasty (see XRobb, was worth 200k-400k, became Collector and is now around 600k-1M)
With the new comics coming, everyone knows what card will be a Collector, not like before where 4 random cards (being useable or not, highly used or not) where Ur just takes away that feeling of not knowing what character will be a Collector, and yet again, market manipulation.

1- Characters that will become Collectors = Market Manipulation. Market Manipulation = Rich players get even more rich, poor players get either discouraged and quit or follow the steps which some rich players will do
2-Announcing which character will become collectors = 0 "fun" of guessing who will be the next Collector
3- Lookin at it from a certain view, you can see it being a quick money grabbing cash cow being milked.

This is the first time I speak against Ur, and there might be a lot more, so we'll just have to see what's going to happen in the future

monday 27/02/2017

Had the money to buy credit .. but the offer ended

sunday 26/02/2017

@UM Mr black: I dont think its happened yet,

saturday 25/02/2017

Yea seems to be the same i going up like crazy in the efc casue the weak littel losers given up its fun. smiley

thursday 23/02/2017


Maybe it would be enough to rename it or at least put it to the bottom of the scroll list.

The whole Halloween release went out of new blood with Maana Cercei, but Morrigan came back in when XR disappeared.

tuesday 21/02/2017

Ymirah Cr cannot be balanced or changed: they only change Ld, Leaders and semievo (so yes, they could do something for the overpowered Ymirah Cr semievo)

monday 20/02/2017

Very easy missions. It took less than 2 hour.

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