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wednesday 25/01/2017

Well i think that you fail to put the jackpot in the equasion apparently the top 50 players will win more clintz than the rest of them the lotary's place is not to over reward already overrewarded people but to give chances to everyone in the top 100 that didn't luck out as the top 50 players to obtain descent rewards. And yes this game is not only skills there is luck too, so suck it up don't think you are the best just couse you happen to have top deck and no competition. After all none of you managed to reach 1400 elo with bridget so suck it up smiley and don't change things to suit some cry babyes.

Survivor T1 is a Roots palace, and in the end it becomes quite boring. Only when Ld missions are on things change, and a lot.
I understand the need of somewhere competitive to use all ELO banned characters (and the penalized ones too), but now it isn'r, in my opinion, as fun as it was.

It'd be nice to have all 3 modes (T1, T2 and ELO), but I don't know (and doubt too) if it's possible. Meanwhile, if they don't "force" me to play in another mode for a Ld, I will keep playing in T1.

friday 20/01/2017

^ Xantiax Robb is not the 2nd best 3* card in the game. He's like #15 maybe. Backlash style abilities are very sensitive. 8 power is very nice. Also with berserk min 2 he fills a vital role of getting to KO. It's still kinda a gimmick though.

Yamriah is done smashed the game though.

Queezy is super good but manageable. Hurc bonus is not uppers bonus. You can loose a lot of that attack fast. DR still a issue which Jackie won't fret over.

thursday 19/01/2017

I did it through the Contact Us form (at the bottom of the page) and for the subject dropdown: "I have an issue with another system to purchase credits"

Honestly, I disagree. I have no issues with the app on my Galaxy S7. Maybe you should run a band width check because I remember Ghelas once telling me when the two apps FR and UR were released that they had a tendency to crash below a certain bandwidth. Donno the technicalities behind this, but worth a try maybe...

Or release a 6/2 defeat: +2 life?

Immediately deletion now all

- credits : 3
- characters : Hawkins
- bronze Tokenz : 3
- silver Tokenz : 1smiley

wednesday 18/01/2017

@Jamiewr it's now called "Jerromy la France" or something

sunday 15/01/2017

How come i cant use my tokenz the option isnt there

saturday 14/01/2017

What about a new Frozn,Riots or Vortex LD from arcade? And also Boss what about Krompah from Suqi's bio? Would love to have an awesome 4 for Frozn.smiley

thursday 12/01/2017

You're not alone, many people thought same thing. The comics description in the shop is kinda ambiguous

wednesday 11/01/2017

I'm loving all the attention Rescue are getting! They deserve a bit more smiley
They're a clan that used to be EVERYWHERE when I started, but now have slowly faded into the background

monday 09/01/2017

sunday 08/01/2017

Ooooooh so that's why I'm rich now!

smileyI want more tooooo

thursday 05/01/2017

Got Kawamashi CR. 10 tokenz off another bronze chest so I'm pleased smiley

Hive got common last time i dont think they would get 2 star jor will junta. hurakan however don't have a 2 star rare and un upgrade to gatuchika would be nice. so i guess hive can get the rare its been some time now. The damage clan must be junta or jungo. fang pi got a ninja. berserk got xantiax bob or at least they will get him. I don't think he is still available in packs. frozen got a card. pussycats got vixen so junta or jungo. or a dmg reduction 2 star rare.

tuesday 03/01/2017


If you'd like a lesson on time zones and how they'd work, I'd be more than happy to link you to a credible source:

monday 02/01/2017

Win 60 rounds with Drakorah
10 credits

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