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monday 28/11/2016

Ok found the sort but still its very small area to press a finger and very cumbersome to switch between owned and not owned. Also still crashing

sunday 27/11/2016

Yeah wanda and Brittney aren't really meta defining lol

friday 25/11/2016

It's normal, the weekly banned elo characters are available here

Very random but okay smiley

thursday 24/11/2016

Can't say I'm surprised, given how Montana seems to be divided to better cards going Cr and worse cards getting Rbs.

wednesday 23/11/2016

Mini mund for the win lol only 2 days left on this ld i all ready have him mostly worken on geting that 10 credits i really wont them.

tuesday 22/11/2016

Oh I didn't know about survivor, good I found this smiley

monday 21/11/2016

Guys for every problem related to awards not received, please contact customer service.
you will get your rewards smiley

Sorry for the inconvenience.

They have officially gone CR!

sunday 20/11/2016

hot 103 messages

Anyone else getting question marks instead of some cards art?

friday 18/11/2016


thursday 17/11/2016

Took a couple tries but beat Hardcore with Montana.

wednesday 16/11/2016

Gil Cr, Spiaghi Cr, Spyke Cr, Greem Cr, Lulabee Cr, Flo Cr

6 Collectors in a row since the Soleil Collectors.

tuesday 15/11/2016

Raptors do well against Montana

Beat Hardcore with Montana. FYI you can use Crs and non-ELO cards, now...

saturday 12/11/2016

Level 100 to level 102smiley road to level 200

friday 11/11/2016

LMAO discrimination. Are you serious?

thursday 10/11/2016

Where are they

wednesday 09/11/2016

I'm not sure it's good that pussycats are supposed to rely heavily on Ld cards

If the new chat is coming back as an emoji chat I suggest you stop development on that already, its cringe worthy and no one will ever like it.
Just saying, you don't need to listen to my opinion, I'm going to play this game anyway but from what I've seen in other games with emoji chat/chat with fixed phrases that you're supposed to use, It's embarrassing just using it and having it is completely pointless. It honestly is useless in every damn occasion

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