thursday 23/05

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Maybe "200" is a fancy way to write "Unlock at Level 120" smiley.

But somehow I'm not convinced that is the case.smiley

I win a round with couple of them. didnt get any emoji

monday 20/05

Because 7/10 is only on confidence AND is easily stopped by SoA, being a 7/4 most of the time (which is average at best).

Most people run Kruger and Chopper Ld, since they're more stable by being unconditional.

If Rage was a problem this week/season tho, I'm sure staff will take care of it soon, maybe even today!

friday 17/05

What happened to the bumper booty for those pack openings smiley

Is there a site where we can see all the Arena skins? or just the magazine???smiley

sunday 12/05

Just to recap.

Jean, Pegh, Sylth Cr, Ginnifer, Askai Cr, Troompah, Sobek, Ongh Cr
Bans: 8/62
Ban Percentage: 12.90%

Not going to criticise anyone for this, but I am curious to the following bans after the first wave was released, why particularly considering, Jean, Ginnifer or Troompah?

I think Ongh Cr or Askai Cr could also be considered. I am not a top-level EFC expert myself, but I see they are feasible choices for recovery as well aside from Jean, Ginnifer or Troompah.

I think Pegh being -3 Opp. Damage, Min 2 is kinda like being a splash card similar to Artus who is banned, but not sure if this sort of card would be an acceptable urban candidate along with the three cards mentioned.

Sobek has defeat +5 Life and good base damage, so unbanning him is out of the question since he creates undesirable 50-50 situations, where more often the one that draws Sobek wins.
For Sylth Cr, he has a strong Poison of 3, low minimum of 1 and high base damage. I think he has a strong Poison for Type 1 scenarios and for similar reasons with Sobek is dangerous to re-allow into EFC.

edited by Rowdy MOB Cr sunday 12/05, 16:34

friday 10/05

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Pavam is the grandma, see the New Blood post

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This was probably discussed, but someone said that team are making real life versions of the UR cards, if this is true could you be able to explain what the plan is for that smiley

thursday 09/05


monday 06/05

I forgot to add Oon Cr, but that could have also been Lord Oon Ld instead.

friday 03/05

Nerfed, but efc-playable now smiley

wednesday 01/05

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Travis LD power should be 2, or -7 op power, minus 1
I used Rapau, even he was much better

tuesday 30/04

I do not think the bonus is going to be Brawl, but if it was, it wouldn't be bad. Most new clans came with bonuses to counter other specific clans, as Raptors did With the Stop Atk Modif, so having a bonus that especifically counters Mono Clans is not so farfetch. They could directly target clans such as Rescue or Roots, who usually play Mono. Even if most of the time their bonus would be -7 or -8 atk, it'd still be good, Sentinel and Junks increase their attack by 8 and Sakrohm reduces it by 8 as well, so... Not really a weak bonus if you consider it could go higher against mono clans.

friday 26/04

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I am in EFC zone. Why I am fighting with Dark corners? smiley

Brawl abilities weren't punishing mono enough it seems

thursday 25/04

Its a comic version of the Raptors promo/introduction.
Urban Rivals: Raptors Cinematic trailer

tuesday 23/04

I've only recently come back, having not played EFC since zones were introduced, for that very reason JP. Glad to hear it's no longer necessary, just would've been nice if it had been a bit clearer!

When will the latest mag come out? ^__smiley__^smileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

monday 22/04

Nice, but did someone win the 3d printed card? smiley

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