tuesday 07/06/2016


Well, to be fair, some people are still using the old site, so they wouldn't be able to see them anyway. Adding to that: if you pay attention to the background before it's covered you can almost see someone (probably a new Pussycats) hiding to the left just behind the brick wall. (She's easiest to see behind the message board on the main page if you scroll) Can't see much of her, though. And the big "EVENT" sign on the left tells me she's probably the reward this time 'round. We'll get an actual board for it any minute so information is coming- probably.

monday 06/06/2016

smiley Shouldn't this be under "events?"

Oh look, we "accidentally" banned Dixie from Elo this week and will soon pin the blame on the staff like we did with Floyd.

Anyone up for banning Stiko in the next week's election? smiley

sunday 05/06/2016

@ Casshern : If you think this game is "crappy",then why are you where ? smiley

friday 03/06/2016

I kinda like the new ELO but just an observation: the first and second week, OP cards are available (cards like Impera Sloane and Shakra). Then for the next two weeks, they're (most likely) player banned. Then the cycle starts over again with new OP cards available for two weeks...

wednesday 01/06/2016

Thanks for hearing and considering credits on rewards.

I know this is about the Season 2 but I cannot get the prizes for the stars (in Season 1)! When I try to collect my reward it says this: http://prntscr.com/bas774 (did not get the prizes for 180*) I really don't know what's going on!


tuesday 31/05/2016

So, no missions for this rb?

sunday 29/05/2016

First, that's a given fact with all timed missions. Omitting to mention it every time there is a New Blood, Rebirth or Legendary mission is fine because that is what they are designed to do.

Second, free in this context means you don't have to spend a single peso directly on the game to get Gertrud Rb or whatever gets redone next time. Sure, there are running expenses and you could be spending your awake hours working instead of playing a game, but it's not like the old system of 'Want a Gaia Rb? Pay up.'

Play tourney mode if non tourney time

saturday 28/05/2016

hot logo UR 341 messages

I will log back in when you bring back Duel Mode.

friday 27/05/2016

Oh thanks. I'm sorry for didn't notice the (-1/-3) i thought i saw -25 smileysmiley

thursday 26/05/2016

I bet it's "New Release."

wednesday 25/05/2016

300k perfect is worth ot smiley

Very tempting, as you'll get almost half the cards in the pack; however, I think I'll personally have to pass this time since I don't know if the number of rares is fixed. 7 Rare Rbs and 11 Non-Rbs makes me worry that my ~50% chance to pull a rare Rb won't be one of the ones I still need. Maybe next time, though! smiley

friday 20/05/2016

thursday 19/05/2016

wednesday 18/05/2016

One of the largest events of the year is finally here. Where 256 warriors will fight to show what they have got from their experience throughout UR Number of players 256

monday 16/05/2016

And this is quite a complicated bug ...
The main comment ( for example , Chaos' comment here ) is labelled '1/3' . But when you open the second page , it's number changes to 11 instead of one . You will have to try this or view other threads to understand .

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