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friday 25/12/2015

I agree with sohmax!

thursday 24/12/2015

Since Friday's X-mas and there releasing the new cards tomorrow, my predictions are Junkz, Raptors, GHEIST, and All Stars.

wednesday 23/12/2015

smiley I may be alone here, but maybe instead of 2 mediocre quantities of Clintz in the Ld missions, you could start giving away a bronze and/or silver token?

tuesday 22/12/2015

I`m just upset it only lasted 3 hours. while i was at work. Should have lasted at least 24 hours so everyone can have a chance to get them. smiley

monday 21/12/2015

Negus you know that it was over right?

Probably that is the case or you just use too many stars

No, I'm not in the new site, usually. I still don't like it (when I play Arcade I must use it, and despite I'm used to it (I can make changes in my decks quite fast, for example) I don't like it. There is a lot of work to do there in market and collection before I accept to step back to that (worse) new site.

And maybe I'm missing something (sure I am) but I can't find it. Under the deck there is only until the 4th HQ (but I see 2 Type 1 "tags"smiley. And of course, in "deck formats" (in the community menu) only till 4th HQ. Not to mention that, obviously, in the play screen I find nothing. The HQ is not available so it's normal there.
Despite all, thanks for helping. At least you have tried. I expected no answer after 2 days.

thursday 17/12/2015

It would end 10 pm Paris time if I am right so yes it is over

But because of this I am now #1 with week and month

tuesday 15/12/2015

Pulling original versions
numerous requests since the start of rbs

con - effort on boostr staff to do something they already do for cr releases
con for players??? none! except for the couple of market snipers who wont make a killing

pro - no accusations of boostr being accused of favouring those in their time zone
no dozens of players losing value on their cards after ur causes it to suddenly rise in price.

conclusion - it will be done if boostr can be bothered. wont be done if boostr doest really care

monday 14/12/2015

I have videos of all the decks I used for Arcade Mode (Normal and Hardcore) up on YouTube. If you want to watch me do it, go there. I don't use Continues. Sentinel was fairly hard for me, as well. Channel link's on my profile.

The AI is generally fairly easy to read if you know what to look for. (Do you have a possible KO? Does Kate have a possible KO? etc) As each of those states will change how the AI plays.

For example: If you have no KO attempt (or no chance to out-life-gap the AI) it won't pill big.

Rule of thumb: if you're playing the AI and it's not pilling like crazy against you in R1 or R2, then your deck isn't scary enough. Add more DMG.

sunday 13/12/2015

ELO is good and fun enough with this we dont need ELO changes. But never un-penalty these broken cards please. This is madness

saturday 12/12/2015

@Bokneehog: It does look like we have an 800 clintz prize on record as being added to your account. Not sure why you didn't get a PM notification, though... I'll look into that.

friday 11/12/2015

And they are still horrible

and doing nothing but overinflating the market.

a bad card is a bad card regardless of putting a new picture on it.

I have trouble believing that....

Is it (potentially) too good to be true?

Then it CANNOT be true.....

....won't believe it or trust it until I see it....

...too many disappointing promises....

just sayin'

All packs I bought were on the new website.


thursday 10/12/2015

I still don't know what the V2 Guild thing does but yaaaaay.

tuesday 08/12/2015

Thank's for lowering entering price for this mode i love it smiley

monday 07/12/2015

Okay, I give up on Mac Hen's stupid mission. smiley After a futile hour and a half, I'm convinced that Ulu just doesn't have the right cards to pull this off. I mean, Hiki and Buck are musts, since they're the only cards that can pull off the 2HKO with Mac Hen. Otherwise you're stuck trying to win 3 rounds...guess I'll wait for another Ulu release that can help with this mission...

hot logo UR 40 messages

If it means anything, and I may be alone on this, I want to see more missions smiley

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