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thursday 26/11/2015

New cards tomorrow! Predictions are Raptors, Pussycats, Fang Pi, and GHEIST.

tuesday 24/11/2015

If you don't like the pack don't buy it. Its as easy as that.

Creating the pack would of taken very little time and had no effect on the website design people or arcade mode so you don't have to worry about that.

I'm still not 100% convinced by the new layout of the site but all good things change to keep their followers happy. smiley

sunday 22/11/2015

@lonely fighters - right Abey is 4000 clintz and that is a lot! smiley

saturday 21/11/2015

Still waiting for a pussycats miss card

wednesday 18/11/2015

*Groans in frustration* Whose bright idea was it to give a Ability based mission to a clan whose bonus is STOP ABILITY?

tuesday 17/11/2015

smiley looks like we are still waiting on miss xingshu guys

saturday 14/11/2015

And Raven is free from staff ban...
Ridiculous smiley

friday 13/11/2015

Oops...no Pussycats again... smiley

Enjoyed this one! looking forward to the next smiley

thursday 12/11/2015

monday 09/11/2015

Woot woot last dt I had I lost all but 2 games still made it in the top 100 so this may be even better for me lol cause I running pussycats I need to test this out.

sunday 08/11/2015

saturday 07/11/2015

350-400k is way more thank shes worth and ive never seen why people would spend any clintz on these event cards when there in the packs a month later but each to their own smiley.

I think things were blown way out of proportion and panic selling caused more problems then anything but its nice to see staff talking to players, though in my view the staff should be careful when it comes to people who play the market.

Next year there should be a Hannibal Lector released for the Montana smiley

friday 06/11/2015

I was happy with the format too. I've played this game for a while now but still can't (or choose not to anyway,) afford a DJ Korr or Guru. It was VERY fun to play with them. At first I thought it was going to be a bunch of Hurucan cards cuz of the high starting life but then I saw all the Freaks and Sylth Cr and just... ha, it was fun.

The entry fee is pretty steep but you make your money back fast. I probably played 6 times... did really bad sometimes, but always got my 20k back. And this last time I made it to 12 (not perfect though.)

Started with 40k clintz and now I got 160. Can't complain.

wednesday 04/11/2015

Removing pill missions are way worse

Oops wrong section

saturday 31/10/2015

You think they are actually promoting the old cards of the game while what they actually do is promoting the new clan... raptors are great vs all those op cards

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