thursday 13/03/2014


Thank you all for responding to the thread.
I started doing the temporary list that I will publish next monday, we can still talk then.

We have :

Graven and Clover as candidates. I would have prefer to check more Elvis, but for now both forums are fighting against Graven. Anyway, we'll see the evolution of the Berzerk in the next weeks. If they are too weakened, next time we'll probably bring Graven back and exchange him with someone else.

The Rescue : we will focus on Sledg and Dr Norton for now, letting the 4* pool of cards free.

The unbans :

Montana : Mona will come back in exchange of Oscar and Moses, we'll see how the Montana come back to ELO like this.

For the Sentinel : It has been a discussion about bringing back Sammy or Coby. It's still not settled, so we'll discuss it next week.

The Uppers : I forgot for a moment about it, but next time a 5* Uppers will be published so Herman will stay where he is for now.

So we have to talk about the Sentinel.

I was responding to a french player : I would like to make more old cards come back, but a lot of them have left a lot of scars years ago. It's hard to talk again about them without creating a bang of "no".
In the next session for ban and unban in ELO, the new clan will be in the game, I think that we will bring back old banned cards who have a lot of counters in the format, one by one.

If you have more thoughts or other cards you want absolutly to defend in the format, prepare your argumentfor the next week when I'll publish the temporary list of ELO bans and unbans.

Sorry for causing this confusion everyone

I'll work harder so you can depend on me in future postings smiley

saturday 08/03/2014

LOL ^ Ulrich's DR with Calliope in the clan and the ability to manipulate the opponent's pills. If we want to unban ulrich, might as well unban Jeena. And Uranus. And Graks. Pirahnas are GREAT now, so don't give me that "They're OKAY if you HAVE to use them" crap. The only one who could possibly be unbanned is Smokey, because banning Lizbeth was obv player's choice.

friday 07/03/2014

hot logo UR 1237 messages

Congratulations TSC Redblood, you won a copy of Mr Bianco smiley

I think that's a good idea, animations like a diff animation for KO and a non-KO win, winning the last round but not winning the game, and stuff like that

Thanks happy to help

thursday 06/03/2014

New cards tomorrow! Predictions are Skeelz, GHEIST, Fang Pi, and La Junta (Could be the clan that might have the 'guess my name' character).

Can I kick this coliseums ass cause I can't playsmiley

monday 03/03/2014

Is there any issue with her? bought her and NB didnt triger

friday 28/02/2014

It doesn't make sense to me either. Most elo legal collectors are affordable for anyone eligible for colliseum.

thursday 27/02/2014

Interesting event because it reminded me how useful Timber can be. Wished UR announced these events earlier so I can prepare to enjoy them. Yesterday felt rushed.

monday 24/02/2014

I have cleared you cache has this helped. If not please email support.

friday 21/02/2014

thursday 20/02/2014

New cards tommorow - I guess skeelz freaks roots montana

I have unlocked the 4th missions: Inflict 18 damages with Zodiack and have inflicted that many damage with him but nothing happened in the progress at all (it is as if I have not unlocked that mission). Anyone knows why this happens?

tuesday 18/02/2014

I messed up too: ends Thurs Feb 20th

monday 17/02/2014

Luke: people with the same score are ordered chronologically - unfortunatelly starting from the newest to the oldest smiley

sunday 16/02/2014

Groupie, si jamais ton bug persiste, tu as la possibilité de hanger de langue en haut de la page sous l'onglet coomunity.

saturday 08/02/2014

Took me a while to find a deck I liked but once I did I went 12-6 in it and got 180 points in the 35 games. First time playing Coliseum. I like it. Its easy to get top 500.

wednesday 05/02/2014

Thanks goralion smiley

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