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wednesday 22/04/2015

Hello Urban Rivals players,

There was recently a small technical issue with messages to Support. It's possible that some of you have not received a response to your inquiries. The problem is now solved, and some of the missing answers have been sent out (with a few still remaining to be answered.) Please check your mail box, and if you have still not received an answer, please feel free to send a query via our online form available here:

or directly at this e-mail address: contact@urban-rivals.com

Thank you for your understanding, and good game!

tuesday 21/04/2015

@ Rift120 - Did you have any doubles of a character in play in the training room when the mission points are not recorded?

friday 17/04/2015

thursday 16/04/2015

sunday 12/04/2015

hot logo UR 102 messages

Sadly they don't existsmiley

friday 10/04/2015

Guess they forgot

wednesday 08/04/2015

Yayoi can't be compared to Jean. While Jean is a very efficient walling 2s, he still only life gaps 3 (5 with fury) and doesn't usually damage enough to provide KOs. Yayoi is a monster that opens a KO options for Charlie and at the end of the day provides a damage reduction via Clan Bonus. This gives her a variety of roles aside from SOA waller. While Jean has SOA, he still doesn't have any DR abilities. Now if Jean was a 8/1 with SOA and -2 opp damage min 1, this would be a much different story.

monday 06/04/2015

I usually use byron as a card to win rounds more than inflict damage. His 9 power makes him good at winning. I have managed to use in in round 4 sometimes to win when your opponents saveing pillz to try and win on round 4 aswell..

saturday 04/04/2015

friday 03/04/2015

My problem is with you calling it an exploit (you said "exploiting"smiley. Exploits were Noctezuma without condition, Rbs not counting as doubles. Abusing exploits - "exploiting" - is close to cheating. Yet last LW was played exactly as it was intended by staff. As a proof look at Ghelas's words in this very thread that he considers current LW the fastest way to earn game money at the moment. So if staff member comments so it means that it was an intended effect by makers. Therefor no exploit and no exploiting.

You basically called people who won numerous Striker Rb (I'm one of them) cheaters the way I saw it, which is offensive. Poor choice of words maybe.

But leaving the word use behind - yes, it was the easiest way to earn some big worth fast that I can remember in UR. And something like that haven't happened before, unknown if will happen again and if so how often. So far I see no problem with it - ALL players had a splendid chance to earn valuable card (multiple copies in fact), some have used that chance succesfully. Ergo number of players happy. Any problem? Is Market busted now? Doesn't looks that way. Is Striker Rb "worthless because he was so easy obtainable"? No, his price is very high.

It was a rare, generous, positive occurence in my opinion. Why do you dislike it exactly? "I'd like it to be harder" - OK, but why? It's not like it happens every month, or every year - or, maybe, EVER happened in the history of UR even.

monday 30/03/2015

If even one person decides to buy credits for this, which is their choice, then that's extra money which can be spent on more new additions and improvements for every player. e.g New cards, a new game mode e.t.c

Every purchase of credits made by a player allows the game to run and improvements be made for every player.

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saturday 28/03/2015

New leader is a mercenary it looks like

wednesday 25/03/2015

Actually the thing im looking forward to is this

"we plan to do several big things to make UR "news-worthy" again, and to engage a large volume of new players, including ones that may have tried UR in the past but failed to be engaged in a long-term way."

anything other than this is just details

monday 23/03/2015

This probably shouldn't be a stickied thread......unless UR is thinking of doing this promo on like the 3rd Wednesday of every month.....

thursday 19/03/2015

Apparently I'm a fan of 8 powers. Also, you could make the riots an 8/4. Whatever of those 3 they think is the best but not ban-worthy.

tuesday 17/03/2015

thursday 12/03/2015

Chaos.. did u use random.org to create qualifier formats?smiley

wednesday 11/03/2015

Too difficult to code, I think, and quite complex.

tuesday 10/03/2015

Damnit another OP dr, plz tourney ban fischer xD

saturday 07/03/2015

Has the draw been made ?
I still havent heard of it. smiley

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