friday 05/09/2014

So glad we got all that damage to get sakura cr! ... not.

thursday 04/09/2014

New cards tomorrow! Aside from the Riots (from a facebook teaser, that was posted yesterday), the other predictions are Huracan, GHEIST, and Junkz (all three are way overdue in the new cards department).

sunday 31/08/2014

saturday 30/08/2014

I really thought rowdy was next

thursday 28/08/2014

Hey smileycome on now lets have some more coliseum events

thursday 21/08/2014

The leader of the riots is bob joby. His uppers version will go cr and his new riots card will be a 5* 9/6 courage: +4 pillz.
Watch when i am right smiley

tuesday 19/08/2014

OMG BORTUKALI you're too much of arrogance, really:
"even when i was a begginer i always had some credits"
"So being a begginer is no excuse for not having credits"
"So if you are a noob and dont even have credits like what will you do"

In which cave you're living in, if i may ask? Ah well your profile says it all i guess. smiley

thursday 14/08/2014

It's almost getting funny but it's already pathetic for sure!

And still / again UR staff just let's us be frustrated and doesn't dare to explain or to discuss at all. They just wait untill the storm is silent and us silly players are back to their game.

Congrats UR staff it worked again for you and you can have a meeting to find some some nosense renewal! smiley

@HipHoppa or you can use any other card with +pillz as the mission is not clan restricted

friday 08/08/2014

Hope we get the riots leader

friday 01/08/2014

Where my cr?

saturday 26/07/2014

@metallichell25.. thanks for the tip I will try that..

thursday 24/07/2014

New cards tomorrow! Predictions are Riots, Junkz, Nightmare, and Skeelz!

sunday 20/07/2014

I chose Brazil and Germany Which means i get Clintz That is times 3 But yet i didnt get Any of it!! >.

thursday 10/07/2014

New cards Tomorrow! Predictions aside from 2 Riots cards are Pussycats and All stars.

saturday 05/07/2014

Can't they come up with something different than reducing damage in Survivor? It's getting old.

monday 30/06/2014

I had completed all the previous missions before reaching 27. The last mission of winning 15 fights would still need to be completed, but that's clearly a much easier mission than 20 in a row. I'd be happy with it clearing the reach 20 and leaving me the 15 if that's possible.

friday 27/06/2014

New cards tomorrow! The two clans joining the two Riots' cards are Pussycats and Nightmare.

monday 16/06/2014

Yaya. agree. some apps cannot get credits even we fulfill the requirement smiley

Qwackstah, you necromancer.

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