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wednesday 11/12/2013

Max match limit per player??

tuesday 10/12/2013

Can it just have normal SOA.........ya know
Without deplete his own life and kinda ruin the bonus.
You did good with Ramona
You did GREAT with Pilzken.
This card is just ok.....................maybe

sunday 08/12/2013

(Tiny-Glitch) 1 credit and 5000 Clintz. Cumulative earnings.
Yes 1 credit deserves the effort. 1!

saturday 07/12/2013

thursday 05/12/2013

monday 02/12/2013

@ SAS killerbee
Congrats - playing 60 matches and reaching Top 500 required skill & luck for this event. It really was go big or go home - many players played several matches and remained under 10 pts. A player received 0 pts unless they tied or won.

Great for veteran players like us. But very discouraging for new players.

* New players had to go against Ambre and no Commons, not to mention Caelus Cr, and that's quite difficult. But imagine how frustrated they felt playing 11 matches and earning 0 pts. "ha ha they suck,' some may laugh. But if it was you, would you come back to play more? Furthermore it was an expensive event that discouraged low level/poor players. Ambre spiked 10K to 13.5K and vets like us can afford that...toss in a couple Jackie + Herman to be competitive.

How do new players compete or improve in this kind of tournament?

Congrats to Top 150 players. Scoring for this event was tricky and obtaining 250+ pts was difficult, and hitting 400+ pts deserves Lyse Teria Cr

friday 29/11/2013

What about Montana, Freaks, Skeelz and Sentinel today?

wednesday 27/11/2013

I would rather win clintz as well, even if it's not that much. I don't care much about leveling really.

tuesday 26/11/2013

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In my opinion the whole concept of LD cards in UR is wrong. Legendary cards all should be like Futoshi LD, really useful or with great abilties, and have medium to difficult missions to obtain. Now they are just cards to add to the collection and most of them don't see any play. What's so legendary about Naja, Lianah, Krazan...?

thursday 21/11/2013

I agree with everyone:

1 It's crazy to hand out Guru Cr & General Cr for a twice a week event
2 Handing out 1500x Dorian may hurt market value
3 Players should earn their ranking by playing at least 5 matches

A 3K Clintz for a Top 500 finish isn't adequate to cover playing time + buying cards to participate
B Normally 15pts separates Top 30 & Top 150, but it's a 50K Clintz Better prize
C Events requiring 30+ Match should offer Better mid-level prizes due to time/costs to participate

I agree Top 5 players deserve great prizes (1 Mil Clintz value?) because we should all aim for the top. And handing out 1K Clintz to entice new players is also very effective

But No Pillz prizes doesn't make sense: There's a huge gap in effort/time/cards to reach Top 500 (132pts / 3K prize) vs a Top 1500 (54pts / 2K prize). That Top 500 player played all 25 matches and but UR awarded them just 1K Clintz more than a Top 1500 player with 7 matches?

Or compare a Top 500 (132pts / 3K) vs a Top 3000 (1pt / 1K) player who lost 1 match to qualify...

Handing out 1K to Top 3000 is GOOD because it's compensation for having to purchase cards to satisfy card restrictions. But that Top 500 player (maybe even Top 1500) should receive Better prizes

Otherwise, Coliseum becomes ELO with elite players always finishing 150 and grabbing great prizes, but a majority playing minimum matches to earn weekly minimum rewards

Perhaps Weekend Coliseum participation will suffer too if this prize format isn't adjusted

tuesday 19/11/2013

If I remember correctly, clintz was only for the top 60 (10K). And 10 000 battlepoints for 1-500; 5 000 battlepoints for 501-1500.

thursday 14/11/2013

@tgh02: Probably a mistake in time zone converting. It ended in 10:37 CET. The diffrence between CET and EST is 6 hours, not 5. Hopefully they correct it next coliseum.

Sentinel,Nightmare,Montana and Roots

wednesday 13/11/2013

Well..... dont talk from the point of lvl 66 who dont really care for the damn mission and for whom 2k clintz dont scratch the pocket ..its the 15-20 who have a problem ( and who are the intended beneficiaries .

Ans 175 is not really large supply when you looking at 500-600 supply for most commons. Best part is that it IS a useless card.
( I dont know if some genius disagrees with me on that)

But as you said no point typing bout it . Its done.

tuesday 12/11/2013

Can anyone confirm if they received Clintz for playing Kick Ass? UR notified I finished within 2000th but Kate said I didn't win anything.

* Ranks 1501-3000 receive 1,000 Clintz

"...but unfortunately that was not enough to win any prize. I am sure you will do better in the next Coliseum events !


Um, what? In your scenario player 2 has already won.

Player 2 has 4 more life than player 1, yet the damage of spiaghi and angelo combined is 3 (with not enough pills left to fury), so even if he won both rounds the final score would be 6-5.

thursday 07/11/2013

Nowember 7, 2pm no 10am and coliseum is still available. Why?

wednesday 06/11/2013

tuesday 05/11/2013

saturday 02/11/2013

Piranas card in Huracan?! Excellent!! *guitar sound*

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