tuesday 26/02/2013

I dont like i wish there was still the lottery though i never had it

monday 25/02/2013

No Cr's on Fantasy Rivals. Also, a Market has been added. smiley

edited by Goralion monday 25/02/2013, 11:41

saturday 23/02/2013

friday 22/02/2013

Fang Pi, All stars, Gheist, Nightmare

tuesday 19/02/2013

From what I understood, The prophecy was to do with Gheist and Room 13 and all that cool stuff. Pilzken just happened to stop it. Therefore, if we had failed the event we would have gotten something else instead. Such as the truth about room 13 and the apocalypse.

sunday 17/02/2013

When will this change be done??

No storyline at all

saturday 16/02/2013

Lds should be easier

They should.have made it longer

tuesday 12/02/2013

Standard = twice the (tiny) chance to get a CR in DT = Good. No one forces you to play standard. I do agree a T1 room should be made for DT, though.

thursday 07/02/2013

New cards tomorrow! predictions are Nightmare, Pussycats, All stars, and Sentinel.

wednesday 06/02/2013

GRAH! I should have been done with the KO mission DAYS ago... except for stupid jerks who quit as soon as it becomes apparant they are going to lose. 5-6 times this week alone. THe mods HAVE to adjust things so that a time out or quit counts as a KO.

monday 28/01/2013

Now it's the time to use my deck of eight uranus 's smileysmileysmiley

thursday 24/01/2013

New cards tomorrow! Predictions are Bangers (which is way overdue), Skeelz, Frozn, and Pussycats.

wednesday 23/01/2013

The elite pack is much better..
choose nightmare, frozn, vortex, berzerk..
and you will also have a chance to get Kalindra, Cortez or Dregn...

thursday 17/01/2013

@everends: First of all it's the 3rd mission and you don't have to use a la junta. The mission doesn't specify you have to use them.

friday 11/01/2013

My prediction is
All Stars

thursday 10/01/2013

Anything happened about india as yet smiley smiley?

friday 04/01/2013

All gifts can be found here. From 2012 and 2011: http://www.urban-rivals.com/en/special/goodies/

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