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friday 28/06/2013

Regarding the Coliseum of the 28th of June, in Facebook it says
"Starts at 1Pm to 5PM"
French time obviously.

monday 24/06/2013

@ Valhalas - ditto

How do you complete echoes of the locket i been inflicting damage with milton and my progress isnt showing up help please

sunday 23/06/2013

Can we please have an option to turn off the courage/reprisal and confidence/revenge notifications in game?
They're really distracting and unnecessary for most players over level 15.

The notifications really take away from the art, too.smiley

True. When the frozn ld was released, everyone said it was the greatest card ever made. Then they started facing sakrohm and piranas, and all of a sudden we're focusing on how good kolos is again.

@jebac13It's the weekend, staff do not work weekends

wednesday 19/06/2013

It wasn't unlocked right away, but got unlocked today, as soon as i completed another mission (block 2500 damage).
Thanks once again.

saturday 15/06/2013

The problem in not only that coliseum lasts 6 hours, but also that admins flat out ignore our questions.
It isn't hard stating that the time limit will change when other problems are fixed, and they are still collecting datas.

friday 14/06/2013

@awilly - plunk was released more recently.

thursday 13/06/2013

The iOS app needs some work. Android can chat etc and iPhone is very slow and clunky. Scroll on bios in game doesn't works and its just a bit outdated IMO. I currently use an app called "puffin" to run flash and use the actual game interface. The iPhone app would be much easier! Please update as soon as possible smiley
Thank you,
Your faithful player,
Sir B00BY smiley

tuesday 11/06/2013

Doesn't work for me either

monday 10/06/2013

I really want Glibon Dashra Sakrh too smileysmiley

saturday 08/06/2013

Why isn't the poison dmg i do with freakz clan counting for the 4th mission? Bug?! :/

friday 07/06/2013

thursday 06/06/2013

I got nothing yet.

sunday 02/06/2013


Oh. Your Qubik is quite good.

But seriously, only two looked good to me. (Kinjo+Qubik smiley)

Fingers crossed for Beeboy and Troompah getting banned forever.

friday 31/05/2013

You guys can send out the new ones asmileynytime now please or por favorsmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

monday 27/05/2013

Its the weekend and a bank holiday Monday (though i'm not sure if this effects French) so if they manually doing it they haven't been working and if its automatically there could be a problem which won't be fixed intill they come back.

please be patient and if by the middle of the week you still don't have it contact support.

monday 13/05/2013

The photo is post 127 looks the some sort of panda and wrestling guy with a bamboo pole.

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