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wednesday 06/02/2013

GRAH! I should have been done with the KO mission DAYS ago... except for stupid jerks who quit as soon as it becomes apparant they are going to lose. 5-6 times this week alone. THe mods HAVE to adjust things so that a time out or quit counts as a KO.

monday 28/01/2013

Now it's the time to use my deck of eight uranus 's smileysmileysmiley

thursday 24/01/2013

New cards tomorrow! Predictions are Bangers (which is way overdue), Skeelz, Frozn, and Pussycats.

wednesday 23/01/2013

The elite pack is much better..
choose nightmare, frozn, vortex, berzerk..
and you will also have a chance to get Kalindra, Cortez or Dregn...

thursday 17/01/2013

@everends: First of all it's the 3rd mission and you don't have to use a la junta. The mission doesn't specify you have to use them.

friday 11/01/2013

My prediction is
All Stars

thursday 10/01/2013

Anything happened about india as yet smiley smiley?

friday 04/01/2013

All gifts can be found here. From 2012 and 2011: http://www.urban-rivals.com/en/special/goodies/

thursday 03/01/2013

You should add UR's various background too (like the ones from halloween)smiley

Lds are not ment to be sold as you can only get 1 so an option to sell to players/kate will probally never be added as its not needed.

The betting idea is a better idea than the other one lol.

Who will be next?

monday 31/12/2012


friday 28/12/2012

Its a good noel card smiley this makes two 2 star pill manip for frozn smiley (unless im overlooking another as im not looking at the list)

thursday 27/12/2012

New cards tomorrow. predictions are Bangers, Saks, Jungo, and Skeelz.

tuesday 25/12/2012

She is available in the NB, she isn't on the top due to the fact that she was released a month ago. Just look for the Junkz symbol, and you will see her name.

saturday 22/12/2012

Shouldnt Romana be available in the packs now ?

friday 14/12/2012

Hoping for Montana, Jungo, Sentinel and Frozn

tuesday 11/12/2012

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