friday 16/12/2011

I call FOR SURE Vortex and GHEIST

my next guesses would be Junks and Berzerk

friday 09/12/2011

Right ill close this for now. Admin or Mods that know more can always reopen

friday 02/12/2011

Skeelz berzerk junk and gheist

wednesday 23/11/2011

The only reason Rescue are played so much and are so annoying is because they can make the biggest mistakes and still win the game...example:

My opponent (a top ELO player) drew Cliff, Glosh, Lea and Krash.
I drew Jessie Randy Gibson Tremorh

The first round ended with him playing a 0 pillz Glosh to my 1 pillz Tremorh response. Against any other clan this would practically be a sure win, 4 damage and one pillz up with very strong back up. But against Rescue, it isn't. I won this match but it was only through luck (could easily have ended as a draw/opp. win from the last 2 rounds).

If they draw cards like Cliff, Ghoub, Glosh, Anita etc. which can make big life gaps you nearly always need 3 rounds to win, which becomes so so difficult with their bonus - one mistake for you and it's over, but one mistake from them doesn't really matter.

friday 18/11/2011

Sorry that I didn't post about myself receiving the Travis without any hassle, thanks to the kind advice given by LOA Daigon, always one good wonderful friend. Thanks again, bro smiley

smiley I gessed 3 of the 4 clans.

tuesday 08/11/2011

@max oh
And we can stop the wars, end the famine, fix the economy and travel to Mars. Which all sound much more appealing than your idea. (Obviously on the bigger picture, from your point of view the billion clintz is much more appealing.)

monday 07/11/2011

Get troompha cause it will go up when off the card pack cause it is one of those ones that people will buy mostly

friday 04/11/2011

Hi how are u all
This game is nice to play i like the game
Thank u

wednesday 02/11/2011

I want Bonnie Ld to come back smiley I missed her mission and have been waiting since. She's the only one of her clan now that I don't have. Plus she is the best Ld card out of all of them.

monday 31/10/2011


I don't remember for certain when Lois was scheduled to expire, but remember that the game is based on Paris time, GMT+1. So, it's entirely possible it may still have appeared to be a 'valid' date to you, but the game had already moved past midnight, and onto the next day.


sunday 30/10/2011

Sylth Icarus, really?

monday 24/10/2011

What about most of us being level 5?

monday 17/10/2011

Would it be possible to make separate sound settings for an ingame chat and rest of the game? In example - when you're waiting in an event room for a challenge (so you'd like to hear when somebody invites you to fight with him) and doing something else in the meantime, it is very iritating when you hear all the time "beep, beep, beep..." from a chat (especially when you're in an active guild). So far only options are:
1) returning to the old version of game and dealing with a lack of other new features
2) leaving a guild

It would make more sense to hear a sound when you've a new message in the inbox than when somebody writes something pointless in a chat (or worse - when system think that it have to tell you that you connected or dissconnected from a chat).

saturday 15/10/2011


i hate this carddddddddddddd

friday 14/10/2011

Tititoro: lol.

sunday 09/10/2011

saturday 08/10/2011

Good for UR for giving Steve Jobs an etymological character here smiley

thursday 06/10/2011

Princekhlil: lol if they ever release new leaders it would probally be a seperate release.

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