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wednesday 02/02/2011

Yikes, Goralion, you don't get ANY of the good jobs, do you? I have never liked the content of a single thread that you have posted. Good job not getting kinda beaten down after a while.

monday 31/01/2011

Yeah, lets ship this chick out. Nobody wanted her for anything but collecting anyway, and now anyone that did, does. Bonnie Ld time. I want an Ld I can actually use as a staple, like the name Legendary would imply. (Until her inevitable perma-ban that you can tell she will receive just from her stats. Sigh.)

sunday 30/01/2011

There has been a huge rash of players falling for a scam of their accounts/password - I would like remind everyone of the warning that is written at the top of your player mailbox:

Important! NEVER give out your password to another player. Help us fight account thieves by notifying our team. Be aware that genuine staff members will never ask you for your password.

For those of you that have fallen prey to this scam, all is not lost (at least your account is not lost). The scammers only have access to your account because you provided them your password. If you change your password, the scammers can no longer access your account. Change your password right away if you feel that your account may have been compromised.

The staff have been working hard on this problem, but it is up to you as players to help us, by NOT giving out your password to ANYONE and reporting any suspicious behavior as soon as possible so we can jump on the situation.

I have been giving every player giving out links to one of these a hefty 30-day black-list. It is not really meant as a punishment as the players that send them as the links are being sent out the scammed players now. The black-list is for 2 things:
1. to prevent further messages from being sent out, so that the problem doesn't go any further
2. to protect your cards - cards cannot be put on the market when you are black-listed

When you have reset your password, contact support and let them know. They are the only ones that can verify that your password has been changed so that we don't have a continuation of this problem.

And one last think in case you forgot:

Important! NEVER give out your password to another player. Help us fight account thieves by notifying our team. Be aware that genuine staff members will never ask you for your password.

Shann is Tanaereva Cr material..

friday 28/01/2011

I think it is a good idea to start new people on non random. Random makes the game very confusing at first.

tuesday 25/01/2011

Ndolo Cr lvl 3 Says 55k
This is a completely useless update.
i Swearurban rivals start changing it or give us a toggle !

monday 24/01/2011

Stop bumping threads busy cat !

sunday 16/01/2011

You forgot milk!

monday 10/01/2011

Sporky, the same thing happened to me. My last mission for Kreenk won't show up.
Does anyone know if the last mission for Kreenk is actually Secret?

I agree with spagr, im not greek or anything, but i wanted to see whathe meant.
Cards like pam and marco have both ability and bonus sections completly blank.

thursday 06/01/2011

Has Vickie CR now gone back to the newer artwork that was rejected in late December? It looks that way to me. Please don't leave it like this.

Can someone confirm that the current Vickie CR artwork is once again Vickie CR Mark II? Why? Could you at least fix it so she has some eyes? Or even better change it back - for the second time!

sunday 02/01/2011

A nice addition and very useful! but for missions it should be nice to add a sepparate page for those that doesn't belong to a clan like inflict dmg ; inflict poison damage ; remove life etc smiley

friday 31/12/2010

No, it's an official pronouncement that all previous cards are being reduced to 1-1, no ability, and all clan bonuses are -1 opp attack - followed by another announcement letting us know that they will be releasing twenty new clans in 2011. And that they are inverting the ELO rankings, just 'cause they feel like it. And a new fight room called Opposite Day, where whoever reaches zero life first wins the fight.smiley

Seriously, it's been my experience that whatever we think is going to happen, it never actually DOES happen. Given that tommorrow is New Years Eve, I'm thinking that there might not be an official 4-card release - MAYBE a new Legend card, but no guarantees.

Gee whiz, I guess we'll find out in about eight hours or so, won't we?

saturday 25/12/2010

& Terries goes from 2k to 0.

friday 17/12/2010

Not to mention the Ulu watu has Gaia (2007), the Freaks have Olga (2008 (debut at the same time the jungo did)), and the Piranas have Hawkins (2009).

friday 10/12/2010

Gcttirth, we argued for months your point, although we were a little more eloquent. it's a lost cause. what they are doing now is a compromise, and a good one at that. just take what you can get, although i do agree with you man.

tuesday 07/12/2010

Let us ditto the ditto! smiley

It might also be a good idea to have an option to turn on/off your list of unlocked ranks, in case you prefer the normal cards collected rank you currently have.

monday 06/12/2010

This is something that came back. Lol when I 1st joined they had this and when I became a big fan they took it off.. This is nice UR.. Hope to get one soon.

saturday 04/12/2010

Double Cr boost =D

Been waiting for Jackie to hit it for a good year or so now tbh.

thursday 02/12/2010

Well had just gotten Tino

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