thursday 24/05/2007

I thought it was going to be All Stars and Montana but it turns out to be Nightmare, Fang Pi Clan, and GHEIST

monday 21/05/2007

Dude......the games brilliant...its bound to grow......

monday 14/05/2007

Waaw coool when in romania will be 60 credits?smiley

As I said, various countries are just not ready for SMS payment yet. We are working hard on opening new places.
Prices depends on a) a great deal on country sms+ volume (our partner does get a much better deal on france than poland for example), b) also country "cost of life" (I'm not sure I spelled it right). c) phone operator "share" (wich can be up to 70%!!!)

We are always trying to improve the prices and be sure we do want to open as many countries as possible.

friday 11/05/2007

Unfortunatly, prices/credits depends on what's available to use in each country, and % of reversal to our partner and us.
We actually make far less money on norway (for example) than on UK.
We are always working on having each country's pricing as close as possible.

How do you know??

wednesday 02/05/2007

Maybe they thaught the game wont last a year.....

Add a year to the date a message was written.

sunday 29/04/2007

We'll (as usual) monitor closely and adapt if necessary.

saturday 28/04/2007

COOOOL!!! I love how Alexei looks like Jason!!! YESS!!! smileysmileysmileysmiley

friday 27/04/2007

11:59 pm lolz that would suck means i wasted staying up all night lolz already 3am my time and there 10 am lol

Simply ignore this thread, people. It is a hell of a necro and as a news it is outdated. The tournament in question does already exist for quite a while as has been hinted at already. I suggest this be closed to prevent further irritation.

wednesday 25/04/2007

We'll add PRO options in the future to allow you to set everything the way you like.
In the mean time, do your best to be patients during the one and a half second needed to display the XP smiley

tuesday 24/04/2007

Raven understood what i said, I would like to see my ELO Value, maybe even put it beside the ELO pill if you want, it would be quite nifty when im playing Urban Rivals,
Windows has a built in Calculator, but when i'm not home and with my friends at the local computer shop, the calculator is not available since the computer pubs have personalized security logins, well it would make my life; also others just to have one build in, thanks for hearing me out. smiley

sunday 22/04/2007

Isn't the whole point to play your high power cards against the opponent's cards that can deal the most damage while you let the ones who deal 3 damage or less slip through because of the pussycat's bonus?

sunday 08/04/2007

hot 73 messages

The new daily tournament "repartition" will be installed next week. We have been quite busy lately.
And about more "money", this wouldn't change anything to the fact that collector are pricey. More clintz = less value to the clintz, prices would go up. Basic rules of economy smiley
This thread has been going off subject, I'm closing it.

Thanks for your comments everyone and we'll try to do our best to correct the remaining issues as soon as possible.

friday 06/04/2007

Jericho, the issue of banning has been already debated, and voted.

Tanaereva is a good (very good) in both offense and defense, making him too strong.
Hikiyousan is a level 5, he is strong, but he can be stopped, it's a HUGE difference.

Good fights!

thursday 05/04/2007

Yeah but it is all about fang pi clang

sunday 01/04/2007

As voted, tanaereva and wee lee have been removed from the elo mode.
They might come back in the future!

Good games everyone.

friday 23/03/2007

If you want neither... then you play regular mode. ELO mode is meant for stratedgists who want a fun balanced game that favors players who build and play smartly instead of just spending the most money on the most over powered cards. My guess is the majority of people who are voting against having stats changed are people who don't even play ELO mode but play regular and don't want their powerful regular cards getting weakened so that the ELO players have more options. Its a shame it looks like ELO mode is going to suffer because regular mode is more popular, but I understand their point of view, they spent alot of money on those cards, they don't ELO so they don't care if they're banned there, they just want them to continue to be ridiculously amazing in regular.

Continuing the other subject I would LOVE if once card was max leveled you could pay a small ctz fee to "advanced level" it which would allow you to choose which level of it to use whenever adding it to a deck.

monday 19/03/2007

How much forsmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

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