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thursday 09/02/2012

I have never played a 3 clan deck. The most obvious problem is the lack of consistency in what bonuses you get. If I were to play 3 clans it would probably be for some great utility cards that I'm missing in my main clan. But I don't think a 3/3/2 deck is reliable enough. Maybe 6/1/1 or 5/2/1 would be more reliable.

On the deck itself I think it lacks damage. Sure you may gain some pillz advantage by bluffing or winning with the pillz manipulators, but your damage dealers are either too weak or too predictable. So often times you will need to win 3 rounds just to deal enough damage... and you really don't have the power to do that, like let's say a Montana deck full of 3 star cards with average damage.

Thank you Alin! That cleared my doubt.
What about the penalty for top 35 if anyone knows? smiley

By the way, we can close this thread whenever, I'm just gonna post my retooled version in general

wednesday 08/02/2012

Indeed, it can't go back under 1000 but probably brought me back to it.

Anyway, now I'll need a good deck to pwn in elo, and that will be hard with those cards banned in rescue...

tuesday 07/02/2012

Geez thnx french personsmileysmiley

Lots of freaks...again
Montana/junkz/sentinel make their usual loveable appearance
Finally Rescue has died in a hole...alhtough i still see remnants of it around...some ppl just wont give up
Berzerk is around thnx to missions and of course our fave singer/lover duo is back

Good deck. I would personally change Nellie to Kazayan.

monday 06/02/2012

Psylo seems a little weak, when comparing it with cards like bogdan, elvis, even bryan. I would get Scopica as she is an 8/6 for 3 stars, pretty decent. that way you could also get Nyema for more life difference potential, instead of mindy or Ashiko.
the deck has a lot of power in askai, radek, rodney, buba so with the life differential of scopica or nyema you should be able to win in 2 rounds

Nice deck for when daggs unbanned.

I guess this range is still valid because the "quick challenge" system has to be quick smiley There are times, especially for really high score players, when the system can't find an opponent.

IMO players should be matched against opponents closer to their rank and with an increase in the number of players this range could be modified, and still keep the auto challenge system quick.

Around 1400 if you are "lucky" to lose to an 1400 player you are ok, but if you lose to 1250 you have to win a lot games to get back. Even some draws result in losing 5 points.

So players with worse win rate can be ranked higher because they were matched with high score players more often... that's not wrong overall but the range could be a little narrower to maintain the luck factor to a necessary minimum.

Wow, you've really put some time and effort into this. I'm glad my database could be helpful in some way, even tough I was missing about 50 cards at that time. Good job sir!

sunday 05/02/2012

I allways rate green a preset even if its bad so they can see my comments lol.

p.s have they deleted all the comments on the preset?

@boo if you're a die hard fan of vortex you should've realized already that they won't fare well if you go mono. smiley

saturday 04/02/2012

I find most bonuses work well in ELO, GHEIST and Roots might stop abilitys but then skeelz bonus stops them. sakrohms might increase there attack but nightmare stop them e.c.t

For under 10000 clintz i think you will have difficaulty making a good ELO deck esspesily with the current ELO banns you might like to look at a different clan.

friday 03/02/2012

I think if we banned every card that struck someone as "scary" the list would include Wardom, Azel, Kenny, Greem, Dorian, Cliff, Oflgn, etc... There's at least one or two in every clan. Even dusty old Muze can potentially end a game in one terrifying attack, given the right circumstances. Don't be afraid of cards that challenge you to play better.

Interesting deck. I would personally change Dean to Wardog and Trish to Wyre because some stop opp: ability is allways useful and his power is more stable.

thursday 02/02/2012

Nice deck. i would personally change Asporov to Quinn because against stop opp ability he still has a high damage.

p.s if you want to make a link which is just the deck name, like this deleted, you only copy the "preset=2179126" and change the = to :

Ok deck. i would personally change Ernst to Klawz because she can get some interesting abilitys e.g Freaks poison, Pussycats damage reduction e.c.t, Platinum to Z3r0 D34d because he has 1 more damage and his powers more stable and XU52 to Wardom.

Interesting deck. i would personally change Lola Noel to Rudy because you can lose with him and remove 2 damage from your opponent , Miho to Drummond because his 6 power and + 8 attack are a bit more stable and Cortez to Taylor because i find that the stop opp bonus better then the extra 1 power and damage.

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