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friday 24/02/2012

For me, in every half deck w/ piranas i always put raeth and hawkins. up to you with the 2 more. smiley

thursday 23/02/2012

I like the Montana I've mentioned, earlier. Vito and Desmond are both great Spyke-fighters. As an added bonus, they go through most DR, and Vito goes through Lola as well!

wednesday 22/02/2012

I dont know how you guys. I have tried them in many different decks and they are just not workng. In fact they are totaly worthless and i do not suggest to use them at all in elo if you dont want to loose 2 many games... Ii havent faced pussycats for a while. Even if i face some pussycats deck there is no problem of winning them.
1) Jayzel. Revenge SOA means, you can use her at second, third or last round. and also you must sacrifice a card wich makes her extremly predictable. 7 power easey beatable, 4 damage, just dont scare me. BAD really BAD card
2)Cherry is a very tricky card. It may seem a good card but actually she s worthless for elo with 14 lifepoints. Even if you pass in 90% of the cases you will get only 4 life gap (sometimes even less), wich is not not enough to win a game.

The problem of pussycats, they are not flexble. 2 many cards easey beat almost all pussycats cards. SOA kills their good abilities. And else new abilities defeat + - life, protection damage. Well i would say pussycats bonus just lost its purpose.

tuesday 21/02/2012

Its all down to personal preference so using both and seeing which one works best for you is probally a good idea.

monday 20/02/2012

Lol why say sorry for posting your deck on the fourms. Its what there there for.

Nice deck. I would personally change Na Boh to Wakai. Also this week due to him being banned i would change Qubik to Gibson.

p.s well done on getting 1425 ELO

??? New deck I haven't thought of, try it out, if it works keep it, if it doesnt, go back to the other 2.

saturday 18/02/2012

What happened to this thread?
Isn't the guy that created it going to give us the answers?

friday 17/02/2012

I think this deck is OP.

Actually SOB as an ability is quite useful this week as there are also a good number of piranhas and nightmare trying to counter the rescue.

Not too bad for your first try. I would personally change Saddy to Juicy Lord.

thursday 16/02/2012

Interesting deck. I would personally change Tobbie to Morgan and WoodXsxt to Wakai.

wednesday 15/02/2012

Interesting deck. I would personally change Zinfrid to Fei.

Interesting deck. smiley

Interesting deck. I would personally change Haze to Neil because even though you lose 1 damage you gain 1 power.

Never use more then one rescue 5* thier 4 stars can perform the 5 star role a lot better if all you need is damage.

tuesday 14/02/2012

Nice deck. smiley

Interesting deck. I would personally change Dalhia to Raeth and Tula to Baba. (Baba has the same difference in power from tula that her ability makes but he also has Courage:stop opp ability).

Chan, Fei, Heitachi, Zhu Tang , Ralph, Kati, Yumi and Nakata.

This deck should do ok and shows you don't need a 5* in every deck.

Interesting deck. I would personally change Fuzz to Neil (he allows you to aim for a ko whilst knowing that if you lose you get some pillz back), Keanew to Tremorh and Lehane to Dreen (Dreen is more usefull when you don't run into rescue).

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