friday 20/01/2012

Don't change zhu tang to elya cr, zhu tang is much better

personally I don't like tsubame all that much, 7 power I consider too little for a big hitter 5 stars card, although she has that nice ability

I would get fei instead of tsubame and nakata or ralph instead of yumi

as AaaBattery said, marlysa could be introduced instead of spiaghi, but some nice damage reduction is always welcome, depends on the metagame of the current week

Sorry if my rant caused the topic to derail a bit... More on topic, I think these groupings might be a step in the right direction, but they could probably still use some refining. Right now it seems like we're just stating the obvious. To sum up what wasteroftime seems to be trying to say: Staples, cards that are too good to be unbanned all the time, and the occasional counter card belong in a good ELO deck and nothing else will do.

What I personally would love to see are groupings based on function. Some cards are natural walls, others make great attackers, other cards still are best suited to be played last, some make great forks, etc. I'd love to see some speculation on this, maybe by way of a tier system. Comparing Chiara to Edd Cr is like comparing apples to oranges, even though they're both staple cards. I'd be more interested to see people comparing Chiara to, say, Lehanne.

I'd also love to see some speculation on what's a good recipe for a successful deck. Just calling certain cards ELO-worthy and others not is arguably a worthwhile venture, but it's not all that useful for those of us who have a decent grasp of ELO already.

thursday 19/01/2012

Ottavia> Ace
Sharon> Edd Cr

wednesday 18/01/2012

I think you should get shaakarti so you'll have your full collection then once they're a cr you could sell it for a higher price and get a nightmare deck.

tuesday 17/01/2012

@KV Raven: I know it was posted then but i posted the Gianfranco to Mona for this week.

Interesting deck. smiley

Gheist is shut down. Ever since their best 2 star has been permabanned they feel very underwhelming. Especially since theres usually another ban of either levi or bristone. They dont really have any good cards left. I tried getting something done with gheist the other weak, it was impossible. Even clans gheist supposedly owns were really hard to beat, simply because the amount of banned gheist cards is insane. I feel the UR staff isnt being fair here. I mean theres tons of cards out there with the stop:autowin ability, why also ban every single card they have? Winning against attack manipulation bonuses is hard if all you got left is 6 powered cards with pathetic damage. Allstars has a free win against gheist, and so does skeelz and I see both regularly. Piranhas usually have better abilities/stats and so does nightmare with their high impact cards.
I just dont ever see gheist winning anymore. How could they? You basically NEED to draw wardom +draheera + bristone, every other hand is so bad... :/
This also passively makes spyke even better since chances are, he wont run into stop ability clans. Roots got their gretchen banned too, although I dont see why. She never caused me any trouble. Her stats are fine, but her ability is useless in elo. I havent ever had it trigger at all against me and people usually overpill her too.
So yeah, spyke is going rampant this week I guess. But hes not uncounterable, so I guess thats fine.
Oh and imho Rescue got hit too hard.

monday 16/01/2012

Baby Q -> diana. Baby q is awful, to be honest.
Veronica -> Jayzel and Kati -> Tsubame if you can afford her. If not, Kuei.
Finally, wanda ->Ivana. You're probably not going to be winning with wanda, and the conditional ability to wreck SOA is much nicer than 1 power with a card you're not planning to win with

Thanks for the positive feedback, I may update the guides at some point in time, because I'm starting to get a better picture of the current ELO metagame

I have to delay for a few weeks the 3rd part which will be about BASIC COMBAT as I'm still trying to figure out what has changed since the time I was at the top (managed an 1414 last week, but this doesn't mean that much anymore, although it's my second ELO tournament in 3-4 years smiley )

I feel that a lot of stuff I used to rely upon doesn't cut it anymore and overall ELO combat has a very different "feel" to it

IMO, the deck works ok the way it is, I would say 1300 is achievable

however, you are vulnerable to spyke the only "counter" is bogdan

personally I don't like dregn all that much, sure he does 8 damage with a nice power and ability BUT he sucks against SOA and especially SOA with damage reduction (bristone, yookie etc) he also sucks against spyke and I don't see him doing 8 damage all that much, especially at higher level

I would replace him with x-0dus and replace wonald with akendram or other nice lvl 3 freaks, mira maybe depending on the metagame, or other)

x-0dus I find a little more playable, for his lvl than dregn but he also has some weaknesses.

For low lvl cards, I either prefer big atk manipulators, pillz manipulators, damage reduction, defeat abilities or efficient lvl 3s with high life gap potential (including life gain or poison) and decent power who can threaten an opponent as bluff cards or take the game into their own hands if you lack a big hitter in that combat.

piranas have some of those, like hawkins, ector maybe deadeye, but lack damage reduction or defeat abilities. They also have a nice "wall" with high power decent damage - tyd
If they still had ulrich a low star half pirana would have been quite nice.

Nice deck. smiley

p.s if you want to make a link which is just the deck name, like this Skell e a vossa semana, you only copy the "preset=1656178" and change the = to :

Interesting deck. I would personally change Anibal to Methane, Elke to Z3r0 D34d and Dolly to Klawz because the Freaks have posion so you don't really need more.

Interesting deck. I would personally change Gianfranco to Mona.

sunday 15/01/2012

I haven't played ELO for some years, returning a few weeks ago.
One of the changes that puzzled me was the life increase in ELO.
Initially I overestimated a lot of the newer cards by analyzing them in the "12 life" metagame.

6 damage doesn't represent the same thing anymore. By placing a 6 damage card in the first turns you don't threaten 2HKO anymore. The same goes for 4 damage (which could potentially be 6 with fury)

7 should be the "new 6" and 5 the "new 4" but you can't get enough of these cards (with decent power also) in an ELO deck.
Overall KOs are a lot rarer, for my games is something like 10%. That means life increase becomes a lot more important, as all that matters is the final life difference.

Although damage reduction may seem better, the use of life gain and "direct" life loss makes them actually a little weaker

Poison becomes better and the "min" value less important

Berzerk bonus, which I originally considered a lot worse than +2 damage, actually becomes comparable because taking the opponent to 2 life is usually "good enough" and sometimes the bonus is better against damage reduction

The overall combat strategy is a lot different. Before it was more important to place a high damage card the first turn and then threaten KO. Now, for me, it's more important to gain some kind of pillz advantage the 1st turn (by forcing pillz with atk modifiers, bluffing with poison cards or with high damage cards, using pillz manipulation) and winning 2nd and 4th round

Seems legit. Another interesting subject brought to us by 1stR0und0pilL.

After reading all these comments, I think UR staff should get some ideas here (creating new rooms, events, etc, I dunno it's up to them.)

@windirein yeh i swear same thing happens to me..i switch to skeelz to dominate gheist and resuce/freaks pop up, i switch to Sakrohm/Sentinel and god dman Gheist pop their ugly f**** heads up arghhhhhh

Anyway stopping rescue....hmm yeah SOB clans are exaggerated in their domination over rescue...they are good but not ZOMG LETS DESTROY say Sentinel/Sakrohm/Junkz/Uppers deal with rescue the best...they generally have higher pwoer and the bonus difference doesnt really do much

friday 13/01/2012

Please close. i've messed up with the introduction. i certainly 'waned' there. but this was quite a good topic. thanks everyone for your inputs. smiley

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