sunday 08/01/2012

Nice deck. smiley

p.s if you want to make a link which is just the deck name, like this deleted, then you only copy the "preset=2148205" and change the = to :

Interesting deck. I would personally change Jayzel to Cherry.

Interesting deck. i would personally change Rhed to Ector.

Interesting deck. I would personally change Rudy to Jeffrey.

Interesting deck. smiley

Agree with subclavian..

Having your own path to a game is what makes it fun. But if your for the easy grinding part then here's my easy deck, but no style whatsoever... deleted

One day, Imma ace ELO with a Vortex Deck. With a Dregn. Like a bauss..smiley

saturday 07/01/2012

I don't think Deadeye is the worst 3 card in Piranas. I agree with wats_happenin however and do believe there are 7 better options. I am not a fan of Coleridge and would agree that Deadeye is better than him considering they have same stats, different ability and star count. I get you want to make Deadeye sound more appealing because he is a pretty decent card. But there many more better cards out.

thursday 05/01/2012

Both SOA and SOB clans can make great debuff to these two clans, and it is very common case in ELO, so I don't think these are very good ELO clans nowadays.

You could try this.
It dosent have Magenta though, but three 4* places for her.
After making this preset I reverted to using Artus instead of Phyllis.

Ive seen a few mono montanna.
yet to face a single junkz deck, one I think would be rampant

tuesday 03/01/2012

Wendel is very bad ,only soa when he attacks but if he attacks your enemy know you wont overpill like crazy 6/2 is nothing. Rubie on the other hand anytime usable especially ability soa is very valuable even sob clans have to face that.
Nellie 5/6 natural stats with power reduce, soa kills it , Oxen is the swap for her much more stable and soa only messes with his dmg.

You know Junkz have 4 SOA characters: Qubik, Fuzz, Otakool and Brandon. I wouldn't recommend Brandon but the others are useful. Otakool doesn't get much respect but he's got the same base as Elvira. You really don't need Ulu, mono Junkz can pack 3 playable SOA and 2 SOB.

I'd change out Lulabee, 5* is just too much.

4 Buck
4 Zack SOA
3 Nanook
3 Felicia SOB
2 Gabrielle
4 Qubik SOA
3 Otakool SOA or Tremorh
2 Flanagan SOB

Because I'd rather 5/3 split with Ulu/ Junkz than 4/4, otherwise you can Buck -> Gibson.

But honestly mono Junkz would be better:

4 Qubik
4 Ebiza
4 Gibson
3 Tremorh
3 Otakool
3 Jiro
2 Flanagan
2 Veenyle Cr


5 Fuzz SOA
4 Qubik SOA
4 Gibson SOB
3 Tremorh
3 Otakool SOA
2 Flangan SOB
2 Veenyle Cr
2 Dreen

monday 02/01/2012

Sak 13*

Montana 11*
Edd cr
Prince jr

Jungo 13*

Junkz 11*
Dreen/veenyl cr

Bangers 15*/13*
Blaaster cr

La Junta 11*
Jane Ramba

When hes banned i would change Rowdy to Gibson.

I say Karrion. Azel suffer the same fate as Greem. Looks good on paper, but isn't as good as you think. The min 3 is actually a very big deal, a problem which make freaks rather predictable. 7 power is kinda on the low side too, Muze is only 3* with poison min 1 which make her a much better bluff with her bonus.

Had a lot of fun with dregn, dagg, c wing, neloe, dalhia, Hawkins, andsom, spycee

Lots of pill manip and on weeks that dagg got banned you just swap in deaa and swap either Hawkins for tyd or andsom for your favourite 4*, also occasionally swapped tula for Hawkins and c beast for dregn on soa as ability and Dr light weeks.

While it wasn't massively stable on a mono vortex draw it was fun.

sunday 01/01/2012

@losingsleep: Rubie is beautiful at calling bluffs, blocking ablility-dependent cards, and is low starred and high damaging. She works well, but she falls to Piranas and nightmare

@Fear: Gianfranco can become a big liability if he ends up without another clanmate in your hand. His 7 power without and ability or bonus becomes useless against almost everything. Don also has power too low to be worth it for a five-star. It is better to use a five-star in another clan, and replace him with ace, or edd, or if you can't afford him, donnie works too.

Nice deck. smiley

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