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saturday 15/10/2016

It has to do with hive changing the meta

friday 07/10/2016

It's because people have a hate boner for all the SOA clans. Also a 7/7 on 4, that has a very low chance of having its ability canceled, is really good in ELO, thats half your hp. Basically he got banned for the same reason Arkn was banned for so long, he's in an SOA clan with an above average ability, so people thing its too above average.

sunday 02/10/2016

Uppers is a top tier clan in elo smiley

In case you don't know, the ELO Banlist gets updated every month on a Monday not right away but a few hours later. So if you value your hard earned votes in ELO, use it after the election gets updated ( banned card gets removed from the election) so it doesn't get wasted if you voted on a supposed to be banned card.

tuesday 27/09/2016

I bought Mim today, although i swapped Ryujin instead of Gum.

monday 05/09/2016

It ends 6am GMT+8, I don't know much about timezones but try to adjust the GMT wherever you are. Prizes are released 8am same timezone

thursday 01/09/2016

Lola was banned cause of the 50/50 she causes. yea soa makes her hard to paly or win a round but with particular other cards in her clan she makes the clan to powerful.
just like I hear with bristone its weak on its own but with its clan its to powerful.

monday 29/08/2016

13 messages

Brianna Naja LD/Trish Floyd Sabia Thormund Glover Gatline Bryan

If you want that 5* so bad

Change the naja ld/trish into a scooty and gatline to whoever

Given your budget, you can make this

tuesday 23/08/2016

10 messages

@LoD_Yoshi Thx for the advice I went Skeelz/Junkz, Chiara Cr, Plunk, Redra, Yomi, and Rowdy Cr, Locke, D4 Funk, June

sunday 21/08/2016

I'm going to try replacing Miss Lizbeth with Dahlia Cr.

friday 12/08/2016

For one of them, I would definitely choose Raptors. If you at least get one rare from Raptors, you will at least get 20k (Mim) and can get about 125k (Rex Sweig and Impera Sloane). In addition, their uncommons are likely to bring you a couple thousand clintz each and their commons are slightly expensive too.

As for the other clan, I'm kinda unsure about which is the best, value wise. I would say probably go with Frozen, Riots, or Vortex because they have some pretty expensive characters in all rarities, but of course there are characters like Qorah, Mikaal, and Farman that can be a little upsetting to get. I would recommend looking at the character lists of the clans you are considering and comparing their relative prices to see what you think the best decision is.

I hope this helps and if you can, post your pack results for us to see! Best of luck!

thursday 11/08/2016

Mario kinda sucks. Would replace with Augustino (if on a budget) or Stacey.

For Roots, I'd go with Markus or Shakra for your 5*, Gretchen at 4* and Dyan or Yookie at 3*

wednesday 06/07/2016

Didn't realize Dashiell was Tourney, not Survivor. I am free, I am free smiley

tuesday 05/07/2016

friday 01/07/2016

@ post 9

That bonus would literally make the clan unstoppable, unless all cards had a MAX power of 6 or lower. I hope (doubtfu) that the next clan adds a better dynamic which of a reason to use older cards again.

sunday 26/06/2016

Im not an expert but i think mono raptors is pretty strong

monday 20/06/2016

Why is this in the ELO forum? Emeth Cr is banned. What do you use this deck for? DT? , Free Fight? Something else?

I'd probably replace Jane Ramba with Floyd, Trish or Naja Ld. The rest are decent.

Montana or huracan these days, even bangers are strong


XD IDK. Like I said. I was doing missions. Didn't give a damn about my score.

friday 03/06/2016

The 2*s are based around losing so frozn bonus can activate easily

Gats is real bad when its against raptors and they are real common these days

Yeah dagg cr is real expensive so I just ignore him as I can't buy him xD

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