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sunday 18/12/2011

Hmm, looks like this week is the first and last when this deck elo legal smiley (not counting good old days when uranus was unbanned, and freaks were never banned, because they were weak in 12 life elo)

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I wish you to never see a single soa ever !

saturday 17/12/2011

Askai, Mindy, Rodney, Pegh is pretty strong. Jungo half decks aren't mean to be versatile, just very defensive. and Pegh's +2 life comes way more useful than you'd think.

I'd go with Junkz. They lack damage, but Cyb Lhia and Dregn fix that problem.

Just made a bangers/montana elo deck and need some feedback

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I would suggest grind idk ,though..

Dreen is good but flanagan and veenyle cr are better, if you like dreen you should check on sentinels for tobbie , lehane for bit better dreen and flanagan

X-0DUS is a bad card i would not rely on vortex for soa but if you want one onyx is much better alternative

Attk manip= too annoying for you!
Raquel> Graff
Rudy> Lola
Garrik> Vermyn N
Loocio> B Ball or Massiv

friday 16/12/2011

I created a deck for next week, deleted based on an earlier deck of mine that had a similar premise. Unless I've completely misread the way the elections are going, it should be playable. As it is, I admit that it is really top heavy, but even so the 2*s that I used are VERY solid and should be usable enough even if I were to draw only them.

Because it is more of a theme deck than a competitive one

I prefer gatline to Isatis incase i come across a stop opp ability clan or get into a low pillz fight.

I tried Dregn + Oflgn, but switched to Kenny instead. Vortex just works with guys that create huge life gaps.

thursday 15/12/2011

There's a lot of SoA this week...

Currently at 1250ish as I post this. Using Jungo/Roots (DR and SoA smiley)

wednesday 14/12/2011

Interesting deck. I would personally change Liam to Praxie.

Interesting deck. I would personally change Dalhia to Selma.

p.s if you want to make a link which is just the deck name, like this deleted, then you only copy the "preset=2119797" and change the = to :

Interesting deck. I prefer Dolly to Darth because her powers more stable.

p.s if you want to make a link which is just the deck name, like this deleted, then you only copy the "preset=2119708" and change the = to :


To make the link you only need to copy the "preset=2119706" and change the = to :

Nice deck. smiley

I dont

if you understand the game well enough you have a chance to beat OR lose against ANY other competent player

competent player vs competent player will come down to what draw they get, who goes first, and the outcome of that first round (usually)

many games will come down to what subclavianHoA posted last smiley

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