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wednesday 02/11/2011

I agree with what your saying but
Ector's a 7 6 that kills Dr's tbh.
Ulrich is the only pirates DR so he's needed.. tbh Tyd is better than Coleridge. the 1st deck I recommended is lite

Interesting deck. I would personally change Dean to wardog and Juicy Lord to Loocio.

Nice deck. Lea can be changed to Krash when shes banned.

I felt the same about Pallack intill i tried him too.

Stop opp: ability and stop opp: bonus clans are good so you could try GHEIST/Nightmare, Roots/Nightmare, GHEIST/Piranas, Roots/Piranas.

Lol nice deck for fun. smiley

p.s not usable in ELO so this would of done better getting posted in the general thread.

Agree with everyone smiley

Gheist may be the better clan overall with more usable cards at every level, and the roots have been getting banned left and right and haven't had a new addition in like 2 years, but the Arno/Yookie/Noodile Cr/Rico halfdeck is still one of the best in UR. A timeless classic that has withstood the countless changes of elo, shrugging off new rules, new cards, new clans and new bannings while still standing strong.

tuesday 01/11/2011

No why would it ever do that?

sunday 30/10/2011

I was doing this for her aswell lol!

saturday 29/10/2011

Not to beat a dead horse but I went back to my original deck.

Nothing like beatsticks and straight forward damage.

friday 28/10/2011

Interesting deck. You could try Wardom instead of XU52.

thursday 27/10/2011

When a decision regarding 3*s involves Chiara, always pick Chiara lol

I like it. Another suggestion: Maybe Gibson -> Qubik for the SOA, I love Gatline personally.

wednesday 26/10/2011

To be honest if you're going to play FPC in ELO or T1 you'll need to get them a 13* halfdeck anything less just lacks in dmg or power or both

Interesting deck. I would personally change Dean to Wardog.

Its not the worst deck i have ever seen but it could do with a few changes (mainly on the skeelz side).

tuesday 25/10/2011

Interesting deck. I would personally change Dalhia to Selma.

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