tuesday 30/08/2011

Interesting deck. You could try changing Trish to Laura.

deleted. To make a link like this you need to copy the "preset=1997931" from the hyper link of the preset and change the = to :

Interesting deck. I would personally change Winston to Wardog, Dean to Victoria and Naginata to Ray.

I hope it works well for you.

monday 29/08/2011

Really nice deck. You could if you're annoyed by gheist/roots try nahomi on trish or victoria on wardog. I prefer Ray for 5* but that's just a matter of choices.

If you want to make a link which is just the deck name, like this deleted, you only copy the "preset=1996807" and change the = to :

Nice deck. I would personally change Azel to Azgroth and Edwin to Sargh.

I like that deck, not much else to be changed or improved except maybe Rubie -> Oxen if you like surprise KO's. I like Samantha more than Wendel, but it's up to your preference.

sunday 28/08/2011

I found out that this week skeelz works wonder because they don't need their bonus to win so piranas/nightmare lose a lot of their effectiveness ant their bonus protects them of gheist/roots which are clans that i meet the most often on my way up in elo.
I think when chiara is unbanned, that they are worth a shot in bi as well as in mono.

By the way, english is not my first language so sorry for any mistakes I could have done in this post. Don't hesitate to correct me so I can get better. Thanks.

Nice deck using the current ban list. If you can i afford it though i would change Lovhak to Dagg.


Nice deck. You could change Twyh to Harleen and Karmov to Bogdan (if you can afford him).

P.s to make a link like the one i made you only copy the "preset=1995709" from the hyper link on the preset page and change the = to :

I agree with the poster above me, except I'd switch Ace to Prince Jr.

saturday 27/08/2011

I prefer to use Ella instead of Ivana.

KitsuneKatsumi: Isn't playing a low damage card in the beginning with few pills too predictable? The opponent would have an easy chance to get through with a high damage card.

friday 26/08/2011

Considering both Cyb Lhia and Neloe are at least 2 pill advantages at worst, and Izsobahd, should you choose to play him, is possibly the most anti-GHEIST character ever printed, or at least tied with Janine and even more devastating than Dorian, Oyoh, Lucia and Cortez.

Yea....I changed it. It suxsmiley

thursday 25/08/2011

Interesting deck. smiley

Im sorry but the deck was deleted/ the link dosn't work.

Interesting deck. I would personally change Herman to Dorian, Lehane to Wendel and Chiara to Pallack.

I'm too lazy to play to 1300 ELO every week.smiley

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