wednesday 17/08/2011

What of these decks are better for elo,495_3,587_3,602_5,661_2,681_4,705_2,840_4,484_4,736_2,762_2,766_4,767_2,782_5,891_2,213_5,456_2,495_3,681_4,690_3,705_2,890_4,409_3,484_4,633_2,634_3,704_5,736_2,891_2

i can buy them all feel free to make changes

tuesday 16/08/2011

Fisheatdog's pretty much got the math right. Except the small typo 36/70 being 51.4, as they say on the preset page.

The intuition behind it is simply that drawing a card from a deck (with finite no. of cards from each clan) lowers the probability of the next draw being from the same clan.

For example you've drawn 2 Roots and 1 Sent, the 4rd card only has a 2/5 chance of being Roots again compared to 3/5 being Sent; and so forth for all combinations of draws.

monday 15/08/2011

Im pretty sure he means first top 100 in an elo week and he won a guru Cr also

This is my current deck. any tips, suggestions withing a 3000 clintz limit?

Rate my mono pussycat deck please. I get beat up all the time do you guys have any tips for it?
No tips like ''Make it a half deck'' Cause i want a mono pussycat deck.
Deck here:

Yup, that is why I have deleted.

Elvira and Lea ain't banned this week, so I'm giving Rescue another try.
What do you think? deleted

As soon as I saw this topic I knew EXACTLY which card you were talking about. smiley

Scratch the Wild freaks deck, one of the characters are banned.

Murray, Redra and Chiara should be in there. Jay, Jautya and Wakai are kinda overrated.


I'm starting back with Junkz so R&C.

sunday 14/08/2011


16:23 Elo you won by forfeit against 0 -Crash- 0, V.I.P_69_V.I.P (17-9): 1354 ELO
16:19 Elo you won by forfeit against 0 Ph3nix, Les Têtes Brûlées (14-1): 1341 ELO
16:16 Elo you beat odaps, Wild Wolves (12-5): 1327 ELO
16:08 Elo you won by timeout against In flamesss (5-14): 1314 ELO
15:57 Elo you narrowly escaped from Spiderm85 (9-6): 1303 ELO

My new elo record with this smiley with little to no effort


for this week

As long as ghumbo doesnt become cr,il fecth him back when he looses his bann.


Thanks! smiley

Oh okay really sorry, im not really that active anymore, but when i do play i play competitively in ELO

deleted: Interesting deck. I would personally change Nerfeniti to Pan because you have a lot of damage reducers so a bit more + life would help. Pan's 7 power if also more helpfull then Nerfeniti's 5.

deleted: Nice deck. Kolos is best used as a bluff in this deck.

Montana ... MONO: Griezzo might look like a good card but i would change him to Edd.

p.s if you want to make a link which is just the deck name you only copy the "preset=907933" and change the = to :

saturday 13/08/2011

Ok deck. I would personally change Glenn to Herman, Harold to Pallack, Edwin to Sargh and Eadh to Phyllis.

0UC-DarkEagle: Interesting deck. I would personally change Igor to Bogdan and Ivana to Brittany.

Interesting deck. I would personally change Igor to Bogdan and Ivana to Brittany.

Dwan would also be a good 5* when having greem on your deck.

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