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wednesday 03/08/2011

Mono is tough with Pussycats as they lack good 4*s with Yayoi gone. They also tend to need some raw power manip/attack manip to win some battles.

That's why I'd suggest you splash in Chiara, she's a great 3* card you can use. Spiaghi is an option too, but he might be overkill.

Charlie is a beastly multipurpose card, Cherry has extremely solid power and a wonderful ability, Muze has great poison, Wanda has solid walling capabilities, Ivana has that anti-SoA factor you'll be looking for, Brittany forces pillz and Noemi can actually make you win. One win with Ditha can ensure you a win if you play it right.

That's about it, consider all of the options above and be creative! If Noon Stevens works for you by all means use her.

Eh, word limit reached, and I forgot the point I was trying to make. Anyways, that's my opinion on elo gameplay smiley

tuesday 02/08/2011

Gheists or fang pi


I am new to the game and just wanted some advice with my preset. It is quite limited because of my collection. Any help would be great. Here is my preset http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=1968506&list

Thank you.


any ideas how to improve it?

That would be awesome, but I am very much of a noob sometimes.

Vermyn stumbles into the middle of a Freaks show and Boris finds that he has remarkable "talents".


After playing, i am having some success... but possibly thinking of going Pussycat/ atk minip... possibly sentinels or power manip with allstars... any ideas?

monday 01/08/2011



Im just wondering any possible ways of making this so far beastly deck even better


1300 ELO in 2 days

expect to see this half deck alot


who thought this would work so beautifully??

sunday 31/07/2011

Unless it has changed, I believe it works like this: From each of the 10 most used clans last week, it puts the 4 characters who were used the most up for election. Then it adds characters who were banned last week.

That means that unless Draheera is one of the 4 most used GHEIST cards for a week she will never be up for election. This makes it very unlikely that a support card like her will ever make it into the election since usually just people playing mono use her while cards like Arkn are used frequently in both mono and half.

And what setup would you use with Jungo and Freaks? I would prefer something affordable -> i dont mean cheap. But Freaks ive seen arent too expensive anyway, same with jungos. Thanks for all advices so far though.

Http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=1855284 or Je monte Anna à la belle étoile
Robb Cr for Randy and i'm gona try don't think I can find a preset for this...
Harrow Ld Marina Jessie Robb Cr Edd Mona Gianfranco Spiaghi.
Weakest hand is Spiaghi Jessie Mona Gianfranco... still capable of winning.

Ace for Prince Jr smiley Your weakest hand is Danae Snowflake Spiaghi Ace Yeah not bad at all... smiley Snowflake winning can almost gurantee a win... 10 14 and then another win even with Ace would result in a win 4 U smiley

Getting past 1300 is so fricking hard

Possible?... Yes !
Montana's Power !!

Please comment and vote green ;D
Great for non-SOA weeks in ELO...

That's what I was thinking so I was thinking Robb Cr and Karen.... Cuz Randy is pathetic against soa smiley

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