monday 25/07/2011

Thanks tell your friends

The deck seems fine.

You could try changing Archibald to Thormund and Isatis to Ray.

p.s i personally prefer Victoria over dean.

Nice deck but support dosn't really work in a half deck. Try changing Sandro to Chiara. Sasha isn't too bad but if you have difficaulty with her you could change her to Otto

If you click on the next button on the list of banned characters and the character dosn't show up in the list of tempory staff banned characters then it means it will be unbanned next week.

Nice deck using the current ELO bans. smiley

sunday 24/07/2011

( : Bogdan : ) nightmare version

Well, Uranus was the first card to come to my mind when I wrote this. And I personally don't like using Bodenpower. High powered and damaged cards are easy to defend against. Just throw in a power/dr and let the person using Bodenpower pill away. With fixit though you can't manipulate it's power/damage. I'm leaning towards Fixit.

Im currently between 1200-1300 with vortex gheist

I appreciate everyones help sincerely..big ups to all the freaks users out there smileysmiley

Vivian -> Lola

Gus is better in my opinion, Beef's backlash will lose you games, trust me.

Haha for reason i thought glorg as a gheist >.

saturday 23/07/2011

I like it smiley

Some tough cards to beat, and you don't need any of upper's crappy 2 stars!


All for only 24k, which isn't *that* expensive. Maybe I'll finally try for 1400 this week. I always chicken out.

I seem to be doing good with these deck styles: 5 stars that can win easily and solid 3 and good dr.
Askai, Taham and Nyema can single handidly win me the game. Took me a week, but I found the secret to using Taham (I'll let you know after sunday).
Jiro is solid and Tremorh is great 3rd round into forcing ppl to use pills that they don't want to (use em and u can't beat my 4th guy, don't use em and you lose them anyway)
16:47 Elo you beat darbouaz (10-3): 1310 ELO
16:42 Elo you narrowly escaped from PL Striker, ☮ Peace and Love ☮ (11-9): 1300 ELO
16:36 Elo you won by forfeit against 0 VIP3R, The Resurrection (12-7): 1280 ELO
16:33 Elo you won by forfeit against 0 Mazeppa, R-I-P (17-4): 1261 ELO
16:29 Elo you won by forfeit against Older Tpu (12-9): 1239 ELO
16:27 Elo you narrowly escaped from -12all- (7-6): 1218 ELO

And do you think Marty ist bad for this Deck -0- Killyon ?

Nice deck. smiley

p.s happy birthday.

Nice deck. You could try Wakai instead of Na Boh.

In response to your question i would't change it. 2 5*'s can leave your deck a bit too open to bad hands.


That is a real heavy preference question that will be debated for the rest of UR history unless some 5* comes out thats better (not likely)

OK, thanks to all the comments so far. I know Tomas isn't the best, but he is just a personal favorite, so I think I'll keep him lol. I made 1 change and I am going to try it in ELO and see how it goes.


This gives the Piranas Bonus over 90% of the time, and the Skeelz cards add a nice touch I think.

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