wednesday 13/07/2011

I would carry on using pengh because a bit of damage reduction is allways helpful.

I agree with LoA Fine, however if you play unpredictably you can get a few wins, it also helps if you play with dual clans as once you get that poison out their bonus isn't useful anymore. I'd suggest using Pussycats or Jungo alongside a Freaks half deck consisting of Olga, Bogdan, Esmeralda and either Pyro or Magda, this will give you a small 11 star half deck where you may use a nice variety of higher starred cards from another clan.

Ongh and askai are both really good cards when used correctly. Ongh works best with attack manip cards or vortex that allow you to save pills for the final round.

tuesday 12/07/2011

Swap to a stop opp bonus deck, piranas are probally the best at the moment but nightmare could work.

I think the first one is better, especially if you're trying to absorb hits and force a couple pills to ensure guys like Dallas and Randy are going to be able to get through. You want multiple DRs for that so stick with Neloe and Marina and let your heavy hitters do the work.

For Ahkab's ability to work you must lose, I like my 5* to do damage, not be there to absorb it.

Sooo i do this:


monday 11/07/2011

I think it has to do with the time zone and when the banned cards are updated. What time zone are the UR servers set to? I'm US Eastern.

I would change Liam to otto but thats just a personal choice.

saturday 09/07/2011

I think ELO is too hard for me now.
i used to easily get 1300 elo score but now i have trouble to stay over 1000...
coalition maritime

you have any suggestion of changes?

Personally i would change Azel to Azgroth and Edwin to Sargh.

friday 08/07/2011

Personally i would change Chiro to Gatline.

p.s to make a link which is just the deck name you only copy the "preset=1936203" and change the = to :

Well done on 1333 ELO, the deck seems interesting and it seems to work for you.

Nice new deck. smiley

Personally i would change Azel to Azgroth.

p.s to make a link which is just the deck name you only copy the "preset=1934738" and change the = to :

Personally i would change Azel to Azgroth in your new deck.

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