wednesday 20/07/2011

I won't be using it, but meh XD

tuesday 19/07/2011

Ok so i have 1255, That should be enough you think?

At the end of the day, its about what deck you can work with, not what the best are using. They're the best because they play good with the deck they're using. The cards themselves are hardly a factor.

monday 18/07/2011

See if u like this one ive been trying .... Sakrohm/ulu watu

i still think Ulu watu is a t2 only clan...sucky...2/3 stars...thats why this is my main elo is freaks/Sakrohm


I have been using piranas for very long, , first alone , then with GHEIST , became bored of it , then alone but deck with bests cards , last time with berzerks , now I'm also bored of them , they can hit hard but they're exposed to other clans bonuses A LOT

So I would like to know some deck ideas for half piranas , since for piranas I have a good deck already ( selma , tula , hawkins ( right now banned, will use spycee), ulrich , tyd , taljion ,raeth and ector , so I would like to know a clan that can support the piranas faults ( damage) but not as exposed to other bonuses as berzerk.... if possible a preset would be nice too

I don't think I can afford a full deck of another clan since I will be selling my berzerk clans for that ( takin profit that some are much inflated right now)

And for last ( if it's not asking for much , which I think it is already....) if the deck could be playable in non elo games , that could be nice too

Greetings ! Great Deck you have there ! Personally , I would prefer to use Ector in replacement of Coleridge as he will be able to pass through damage reducers , and if met with a SOA opponent , he would still be able to keep it's 7 power (however, damage is greatly reduced to 2) , whereas , when Coleridge is in use , It'll only have 4 power and 6 damage when faced in the same situation , With the 4 power , You'll have to pill alot into him in order to get that 6 life off your opponent's health , which give you a very disadvantage in pill manipulation smiley

Also , another idea I would like to suggest to you is changing Kristin to Selma if you can afford it , Kristin's ability is based on confidence , which give a disadvantage to the user . Changing into Selma allow you to have 2 more damage , and an ability of gaining 2 pills when you win the round using Selma , with just 1 star more ! Also , this can also be used to buff your opponent as 7 damage is deadly ! Which can lead him into making mistakes ! smiley

That's about it ! Good Luck for Your ELO Matches ! smiley

Make a week were only cards like bob joby and gina glitt are allowed smiley, I'd play smiley

and if the big rewards are a problem, allow the big cards unbanned for a week of elo, but offer only rare cards as prizes, no cr's, well maybe some soleil cr's but most certainly not decent ones smiley problem solved


Is Kuei in your deck? He is probably on of FPC's best options against Rescue since Rescue depend heavily on their bonus.

sunday 17/07/2011

Medivh has a nice uluwatu deck

every week it tends to vary.. but the common staples are ghiest . rescue piranas and allstars

Personally i would change Sayura or Rei to Xia Leming for a bit of damage reduction.

Well since you don't use any Support cards, Kusuri/Pegh would be good for 2*s, 3*s Lola can do the job too.

Deffinately replace hattori, he is fighting it out for third best 5* in fpc with kuei and both are way behind kerozinn cr and tsubame .smiley

saturday 16/07/2011

Just bought this sakrohm deck:

stella - petra - nimestiec - na boh - murray - jautya - corrina - wakai

any suggestions of changes are welcome smiley

Simple, pill wisely & if that's too vague then try this, include some power manip and/ or atack manip cards in ur deck for example belgolsi would do great against a sledg and aurora and a dagg ( has the 1 less star advantage, so does belgosi ) & if u lose with dagg well then u have pills to get back. Also, if possible include an soa/sob card and 1-2 Dr's. lehane is a killer and so is elvis & cards like c wing & lola well... need i say more? redra, ulrich, arno, jeena makes great dr's & pill manip cards such as tsubame or corvus are excellent is almost impossible to input all these different types of cards with different focuses & still maintain a well-balanced & sturdy deck so my advice to you... ask around a bit more, choose the cards you need ( not want ), remember every week cards & decks are altered in elo so u might wanna wait a bit maybe til monday to purchase any cards. Gud luck

Thanks for the suggestion, although I'd still use Scopica because of her solid-ness and the fact that I already have 5 attack manipulators in my deck.

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